Thursday, 13 March 2014

Weight Loss #4


Ok so this is my fourth Weight Loss post on my blog now, since the first I have put on more weight and gotten more lazy. My last post not so long ago I brought some gym wear and well it still hasn't been used. But the weather is getting nice and I have some things to look forward too as well as get my health better so I had to do something to get myself into gear and kick start this weight loss. Especially as the scales have hit a number I really thought I would never see!!

So today I had an appointment that I was panicking about, frankly a bit of anxiety (which I have never really suffered from before!) but was sitting in the car with my other half with tears running down my face. Well why? Because I had a referral from the doctors to something called 'The Lifestyle Hub' - a place to help with my weight etc. Why did I have anxiety? I am unsure, it is run by local University Of Bedfordshire students so I was thinking it would be fit blokes who would probably just laugh at my unhealthy over weight ugly self.

I almost didn't go in but the ever so sensitive boyfriend goes 'just man up and get on with it' - he has such a way with words don't you think? But non the less, I did and it wasn't as bad as it seemed. The lady who saw me was really nice, we spoke about diet and porpotions etc with this useful plate structure *picture below* which I am sure we have all seen before. I actually learnt a fair bit, on what classes as 1 per 5 a day etc for different fruit/veg etc. She actually told me I am better off carrying on drinking Pepsi Max rather than Apple Juice as it's healthier, how ironic!

As I am not working anymore and with what I have already said about the weather getting nicer etc it is finally time for me to start to lose weight. The lady can refer me to other places to help such as:

12 Week Slimming World or Weight Watchers
10 Week Gym Membership
10 Week Physical Activity (water aerobics!)

I have always stayed clear of SW or WW due to counting calories or numbers etc, it's a waste of time and I am extremely impatient. But the lady told me how they have changed, SW in particular is green, amber and red food so you can eat as much green etc but moderate/restricted reds which sounds better to me. She goes 'honestly, I don't understand how people lose weight when they can eat as much pasta as they want, but they do' - which made me laugh but this sounds good to me as I love pasta!

So I have finally taken the plunge and I am joining both Slimming World and Gym :)

With the gym membership, on my first session I will have a personal trainer who talks to me to make a programme suited for me and what I want out of the gym, as well as taking into consideration my home life and illnesses etc. So really looking forward to this as not only will they show me what I can do there for best outcomes but for things to do at home as well.

Lady even advised me that sometimes its not by what you lose, as first few weeks at gym I will gain muscle so to go by how well my clothes fit instead :)

Even got some leaflets on like 'Eating Out' etc so things to avoid and things that you could try with Chinese, Indian, Italian and Mexican - which is always handy to know as you can't avoid going out forever whilst you diet.

In previous Weight Loss posts you will see that ways to lose weight have usually been the not so healthy, this way is going to take some doing, lots of time, hard work and perseverance for the results.

My goal is to loose 5 stone

Once I lost near enough 5 stone in a matter of weeks due to my bad habit ways of loosing weight, so it is going to be hard knowing I can do it quicker in other ways but at least I know it has been done before and WILL be done again!!

I am actually really excited to start my new journey :) I used to go to the gym weekly in my skinnier days and it was really good - time to myself, time to think and to relax! Plus it is always nice for the accomplishment of working towards doing something for yourself. Now that I actually have something in place which I should stick to with fingers crossed I will try to post regular updates :)

Have you done SW or WW before, what are your thoughts? Plus is there anything that interests you on here that you might want more info about (for example, the personal trainer session etc)?

Love, Gemma xo



  1. Slimming World is a really good step. I've lost 4 stone in the last year on the Extra Easy Plan. Its so simple to follow and get the magazines! They're full of recipes that are delicious. Good luck x

    1. thank you hunny :) glad you have done so well, how long has that taken? I have 5 stone to lose, so a long way to go but needed for health :) looking forward to trying some recipes! Love, Gemma xx



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