Saturday, 26 April 2014

House Hunting


Ok so this is probably just me but every so often I have a little craze/obsession where I like to search houses!

You see when I was 17 years old in 2010 at 33 weeks pregnant I moved into my very first flat and it was great, I was incredibly lucky to have such a great place with a beautiful view walking distance from town.

But as Corey got older it really got a little cramped being bombarded with his toys everywhere - spoilt rascal. So last summer a house to rent became available from a family friend, a house I adored since she had it. Immediately I was excited, I was moving into a house with a garden and all sorts. It is such great house and we even adopted her dog :) Things have been great so far!

My issue is I have always known it will last 2/3 years at most because you see it only has two bedrooms. I am broody mummy and patiently awaiting the right time to have another child, which would mean a new house. As well as this September I have to start choosing schools for Corey to start the following year. Knowing I will be moving maybe a year after he starts school, do I go for a school near me now or will be later? Decisions, decisions!

As I have a very close family - my mum and grandparents live about a maximum 10 minute walk from each other. I have always wanted to live somewhere in between right near them as well it is just what I have always dreamed off. It's a lovely area and near all the good (ish!) schools. So yes, in a few years time I will move near them. But I have started panicking for the future, as we all do. So I have been house hunting, just purely because I like to see what is available. The area is hard to come across good houses which aren't old fashioned, and no place for new builds. So I want to catch a place whilst it's avaliable!

My mum has a thing at looking at cars constantly, mine is houses - I get obsessed dreaming of a life I can't have. I don't have a deposit, not even for 5%. But at the moment it is actually more beneficial and cheaper to have a mortgage rather than rent.

The worst thing is I have seen the above house which I just adore which upsets me, it will go quickly I am sure. My plan is that one of my family members needs to move so I can adopt there house haha logical right? Hehe :)

I can't even imagine how stressful the whole mortgage thing is, I have read a couple of posts from fellow bloggers and it terrifies me - even though I am a long way off from even starting the process! Like I don't even know how much money should be spent on a 3 bed house?

Who has brought a house and who has some advice of wisdom to share? :)

Love, Gemma xo


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  1. The house buying process is long and really boring!! The initial excitement wears away after a while lol. My only advice is to save up as much as possible. First time buyers get some great deals, but ideally a 10% minimum is needed. I can see why it's hard to think about schooling, it's a difficult issue! xx

  2. I loved this post, it was something lovely and refreshingly different to read! I'm exactly the same as you and spend hours of an evening looking at beautiful houses with the bar set from high - low oh what a dream it would be! Xxx

  3. I own my own house & it was a stressful process from start to finish, especially as a single mother.
    No harm in looking. No harming in seeing if it's something you can do if the right house comes along. No harm in chatting to someone in your bank to see how much of a mortgage you and your partner would be entitled to.
    Just don't get caught up in the dream. That's the part I found hardest. I would fall in love with a house I viewed, imagine myself living in it & I wouldn't even give the financial side a second thought. I started bringing my dad with me to viewings and he kept me on the right track.




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