Monday, 19 May 2014



So there is this website called Baker Ross, they are an online supplier of crafts, not just limited to children either. But their ranges are so varied and great for all sorts of things, at a low price that I love. I was lucky to be sent a box of goodies to try out with Corey some time ago now, as did some other bloggers too.

It was packed with many things to create bits for Mother's Day and Easter - such as card making, glue, magnet making, jewellery making and a whole bunch of stuff. Unfortunately, it was a little unsuitable for Corey's age range which is such a shame but understandable as they can not cherry pick for each blogger. But I did have fun making some bits myself and here is what I created:

They took forever - I am not very creative myself!

My friend Michelle over at twiceamummydoublethefun done a few great post with her girls who made some great bits, you can see all her posts on Baker Ross by clicking here.

It was all great quality stuff, their site is filled with 1000s of goodies of all sorts - it is really worth a look and you can do that by going to this link here.

What sort of crafts do you enjoy making? :)

Love, Gemma xo



  1. These look really sweet Hun! Good work! X

  2. Thank you for the mention Gemma. I love how affordable Baker Ross crafts are :) I think you did a very good job it all looks so pretty x



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