Saturday, 24 May 2014

Beauty Bloggers: Things I've Learnt


So this is things I have learnt from Beauty Bloggers over my few months of blogging, learnt a fair bit and thought I would share:

Re-Verse Hair Wash

This is exactly how it sounds, the complete reverse - condition first and then shampoo. Sounds odd doesn't it? But my gosh you need to try it if you haven't already. It makes your hair feel different but still equally as soft, shiny and smooth but less heavy and frankly makes my hair much easier and quicker to dry. Plus my main plus about it is that I am grease-free for longer! All big pros for me, has taken over 5 minutes off drying time and I can go up to 3 days without washing now where as before I would NEED to wash everyday!

Make-Up Removal

Ok I admit I have sinned like 100x over and I have always known that it is important to remove make-up every night. But I didn't, because I would well be too sleepy and lazy. But I didn't realise how much of a difference it would make to my skin, but on a mission to clear my skin I have taken my make-up off every day. Now whether it helped or not, I don't know as with all my medication could be many reasons my skin has cleared. But last night I sinned again, I didn't take my make-up off and I noticed it just didn't feel nice at all. So again, I shall continue to keep up keeping my face clear at night to let my pores open and breathe :) it's a promise!


I don't have many make-up brushes, like 10 Real Techniques and a Nanshy eye brush set but I don't know what I would do with out them now. I really want to grow my collection but at the same time trying to justify the price for just one is a bit impossible. Before I used to use my fingers and one cheap blush brush. Never would have even thought of washing it either, disgusting I know but I didn't know? But I prefer the overall look I get and really helps blend in the foundation etc - obviously!

Discovering Brands

I have always been more of a Drugstore kind of gal, as the price is nice! (look at my sad attempt of rhyming) but I do remember as a teen I would splurge on some Highend such as Dior and Clinique. I knew higher end make-up existed but I stayed clear, frankly, I couldn't afford nor did I want to face the what I thought were 'snotty' ladies at the counters. Ohh how I let myself miss out on such goodness! I have now discovered many brands such as Mac, Urban Decay, Sleek, Benefit and well the list is endless. I really want to try the very hyped up Make-Up Revolution! What's your favourite brand if you had to choose one?


I have become more daring too with what broadening the products I use, willing to use brighter/bolder colours. Plus my love for lipsticks, but I do only really like matte ones as I don't like the fact if its windy or whatever, my hair gets stuck to my lips - soo annoying! I have gone away from my very well beloved L'Oreal True Match Foundation which I wore for 5+ years which actually didn't work well for my skin in the slightest. I now have the No7 Beautifully Matte Foundation which is working great for my oily skin, but I want to give a try both NARS Sheer Matte and Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation. Lastly, perfecting smokey eyes, I was beyond terrible before and still not much better but learning with lots of practise.


A personal one but ever since I was a little girl my dream was and still is to own a salon. I have side tracked in the years of course because of becoming a mother and life taking over, I even once started college but had to soon leave. Since becoming a blogger, I have re-found my love and remembered my dreams. Now the reality is I probably won't ever own a salon, but I can try and to do that I am starting from the bottom (oh yeah, the Drake song - stuck in my head right now)! I enrolled onto College, again, in September I start an NVQ Level 3 Nail Technician course :)

So there we have it, a list of things I have learnt from beauty bloggers and probably a fair bit more that I couldn't remember at the time. Is there anything you have learnt? If so, spill the beans? :)

Love, Gemma xo



  1. The No7 foundation sounds lovely, I have super oily skin too. May have to give that a try!!
    I think I've learnt a lot about ingredients in products from blogging, and been introduced to a lot of brands like Nars, Real Techniques and Sleek :)

    Jess xo

  2. Oh yay!! You signed up to a beauty course in the end.. good luck with it!
    My favourite foundation brand is definitely Estee Lauder Double wear. I won't ever look at any other foundation brand! xx



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