Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Blogger's Love ❤ #1


I absolutely love telling people I love their blog, not in a weird way but just if someone says it to me then it makes me beyond happy so hoping to make someone else's day and show that hard work pays off :) always a nice feeling. I am going to make this a regular thing, but not sure how and when yet!


I can't even remember how long I have read and watched Erin's blog grow, literally my most favourite blog to read and always looking out for new posts. But she has a habit of making me want to buy EVERYTHING which is deadly for my bank account!


Alice started her blog is January and is almost at 1000 followers so you can just tell by that at how amazing the blog is! Her reviews are so honest and actually useful as they can go into such depth plus she is just a lovely person to have a chat with on twitter :)


I love that Hayley has a mixture on her blog from beauty, lifestyle and to baby, followed her pregnancy and she is just looking amazing considering she had the beautiful Daisy only a month(ish!) ago! This may sound strange but just reading Hayley's blog kind of makes me feel relaxed as it's so pretty and welcoming.


This one is special for me because Steph I have known for years from back in school and when she found me through blogging as she is a newbie, we have become friends again and even more excited that she is pregnant so a girlfriend on the way for Corey! I am just falling in love with her blog though, she has always been so creative and that is certainly coming through with her blog.

Keep an eye for the next one to see if you make it :) & be sure to take a look at these 4 great blogs if you don't follow already! Who are you loving at the moment, if you had to choose one?!

Love, Gemma xo



  1. This is such a great idea. We should share the love more often x

  2. I love these kinda posts.. great for finding new blogs! :)



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