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Holiday - Butlins Skegness :)


So you may or may not have noticed that I have been unusually quiet on here and social media because I was on holiday, whoop! The signal was so rubbish which was actually good as it meant I physically couldn't get on my phone so to have a break from blogging was great but glad to be back. So we took a trip to Butlins Skegness and we had such an incredible time especially with all the sunshine so I thought I would share what we got up too and show the many pictures! I couldn't decide whether to post this as one long post or split into a couple, but that seemed too much hassle so it's a long photo heavy post - you have been warned :)


Here is our room or what they call apartment which it is, we went for the Gold package, which I think is the best you can get. Comprising of three bedrooms, joint living room/kitchen and shower room. We weren't expecting three bedrooms, mum was meant to be having to put up with Corey's snoring all week but she was lucky and they both got a room to themselves :) As you can tell he was well happy. We also went for the most premier dining package which I strongly advise as the food was beyond delicious for breakfast and dinner at 'The Deck' restaurant, although every meal Corey had to have a bowl of green grapes!

So this is some of the things around Butlins itself, Corey loved the 2p machines and he did really well bless him :) Their little 'funfair' which is in the third picture, all those rides were free which is brilliant - it's just the £1 a game or ride in the amusements like the submarine he is in, which was a bit of battleships and so fun! :) Our room was like a 10 minute walk from the main place 'Skyline Pavilion' so every morning and evening we would go there and back, what a long walk it was - doubt I have lost any weight because I ate so much at the restaurant! For those who haven't been to Butlins before the secret entrance is a small kiddy size entrance to the sweety shop, supposedly no adults but I sneaked in too of course.

Butlins are famous for their entertainment of course, we made the most of the shows we could get to see :) When booking, mum paid £15 extra per person to get gurannted seats in their 'Centre Stage' on the balcony, so away from all the busy crowds etc. Despite only actually going to their shows twice, it was well worth it as downstairs was just heaving with screaming kids who were running round wild everywhere which me no likely!! The two shows we saw were Scooby Doo and Beauty & The Beast Panto - both were great and funny :) The other two nights we watched character performances in their 'Skyline Pavilion' which were Skyline Gang and Mike The Knight, plus we went to a couple of Tots Disco's in the same place. We also went to their Cinema to see Rio 2 which was first time I have taken Corey, it was a great film and Corey sat really well considering. Hence the bad quality selfie as lighting was dreadful. The shows were honestly my favourite part of the holiday by far, Corey enjoyed himself so much and would get involved, sing along etc. Now have 'big fish, small fish, cardboard box' and 'dig dig dig, scoop it up' stuck in my head. They also had this super handy app which told us what was on where and when, lifesaver!

Scooby Dooby Doo Where are you? We've got some work to do now! So it wouldn't be a trip to Butlins if you didn't get a picture taken with your favourite character! Pricey it may seem, but as a child I remember I would always get something like this on our yearly holidays and I want the same for Corey :) ways to remember our holidays.


So this is the famous Skegness Seal Sanctuary which has grown since the last time I went, admittedly that was 7 years ago now!!! It was great though, they had all sorts from Seals, Penguins, Goats, Rabbits, Crocodiles, Fishes, Meerkats and more :) We even done this brass animal rubbing thing which was fun :) It made a lovely morning out especially as going to places like this are my absolute favourite, love cute animals. They had a 'Seal Hospital' too where they would rescue the injured from sea, take them in, make them better and later release again. They had a wishing well, and of course Corey wished for a crocodile and then a dog (which he has 1 real dog and now 5 teddy dogs!)

Fantasy Island Theme Park, I remember going here and just knew I had to go back. It was like £2.50 a ride or £10 a wristband and £5 for children which was unlimited (of course we went for that!) as what a good deal that was. We went on a few rides which was fun, Corey loved them especially little car rollercoaster rides. We had to go back to our holiday resort after Corey was sick, but this wasn't due to the rides but he had worked himself up crying as he was "cold" - typical toddler tantrum. I wanted to go on an adult ride which is like a Crazy Mouse twisty rollercoaster thing, but Iyaz wouldn't go on with me and luckily we didn't as we watched people get stuck mid ride!!

One day we went to Hardy's Animal Farm, not as many any animals as I would have thought but it was a good afternoon out - they had a great indoor and outdoor play areas. Silly boyfriend got bitten by a chicken, there was piglets born on the day we visited and lamas trying to chase cows! But in the chicken section, they had these funny jokes which I had to share as I personally found them hilarious, in a silly joke way!

Of course we had to visit the Skegness Beach & Pier, wouldn't be a seaside holiday without. Just a little further along down from the Seal Sanctuary. We didn't actually go on the beach itself as was quite chilly that day but walking along the pier was so pretty and wonderful as you can see :) The amusements were so much cheaper on the pier, just 20p a ride or go, where as the exact same at Butlins were a £1 each. This beautiful clock tower was at a roundabout and just reminded me of Big Ben!

Random Selfies

So whilst away it was actually my partner's 23rd birthday so of course we celebrated with cake :) Marvels, both the boys favourite. The way Corey says 'Captain America' is just the cutest, comes out as 'maptin merica' and of course just a few pictures of the four of us! Had to show my pjs for the week, how cute are they? Love Bug!!! - mum got them from Tesco for me :)

Purchased Goodies

I have always loved those metal things and I have had some in the past as a child but of course I had to get a 'Mum' one and they done it right there and then for just £3 :) My other half must have spent £10 trying to win teddies from the grabby machines and of course loosing - when we saw Spiderman in the shops we instantly got it as works out cheaper in the long run! Pez ohh my absolute favourite so we got Jake the Pirate for Corey, one of his favourites. We got rock & a flashy sword thingy whilst watching the entertainment. Corey also has a fascination with dog teddies, he has a fair few so of course he wanted Rainbow from the Butlins Skyline Gang :) Also another Butlins tradition is Billy Bear as founder of Butlins is a man called 'Billy Butlins' get it? haha :) So we got this fun annoying noisy thingy, and as an impulse buy at the till I got a lighter, it was pretty and always handy to have just encase!

Wondering why Manchester United, well we got the clothes near the beach as partner has wanted something like this for our car and the ball came from an outlet shopping centre in Springfield near Spalding on the way home, only like £5!

So now for the conclusion as you may call it - hope you enjoyed reading and seeing pictures of my holiday, I had an absolutely great time and frankly sad to be back in reality. Big thank you to my mummy for taking us :):) Although, I am still absolutely knackered a day later so still having a pj day!

Love, Gemma xo



  1. It looks like u all had a amazing time xx

  2. I love Butlins :) We went last year to the Bognor Regis one, it was awesome! Going again in September, great post :) xx

  3. It looks like you all had a marvellous time! I do love Skegness and have stayed at the butlins once when I was younger.... It was great!



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