Monday, 19 May 2014

#MorningStories With BelVita*


So as you can see I have been working on a challenge set by Brit Mums and BelVita, #morningstories :) Well belVita, what are they? They provide delicious breakfast biscuits in various different sorts for every taste bud!

I never have been a breakfast person because I am usually still asleep or too busy in the mornings. Plus I pick between breakfast, lunch or brunch depending on the day. When I was provided with these goodies, I immediately had to share with mummy as she loves them. For me, they are a snack whatever time of day or if I would ever be in a rush and know I would not get lunch that day. For mum however, sometimes catching trains at 6am and she doesn't want breakfast that earlier so will take belVita with her for either the commute on the train or at arrival of office to get her through the day. They would be great if they you are on your school run, eat as you go.. Let's face it mornings are never easy no matter what you are doing!

belVita have suggested these are great as part of a balanced breakfast & I highly suggest you take this challenge like I have as you will be very surprised with the outcome. These are the 4 simple steps to take:


1 - belVita Breakfast biscuits, wrapped in portion packs
2 - a portion of fruit
3 - a serving of diary
4 - a drink to hydrate

Apolgies as I forget to take pictures before eating the last lot but I would have the above with a serving of belVita :) As I said, I have put this to the test and frankly I was so full I didn't want lunch as usually I would have one or the other. So with this added bonus of being super full whether you have it as this balanced breakfast or just on its own. They apparently also slowly release carbohydrates over four hours which has been proven in several clinical trials.

They have 13 different ranges to choose from:

Biscuit Range:

- Milk & Cereals
- Honey & Nuts
- Museli
- Crunchy Oats
- Cranberry
- Forest Fruits
- Fruit & Fibre
- Cocoa

Yogurt Crunch Range:

- Honey & Live Yogurt
- Creamy Live Yogurt
- Creamy Live Yogurt with Cocoa

Duo Crunch Range:

- Strawberry
- Apricot

Out of their range they provided of course I preferred the cocoa ones, not only because of the chocolate but because of the yogurt crunch. I found the others to be a bit boring, but that's just my personal opinion as not really a fan of biscuits in general. I will however get more of the yogurt crunch as I just loved it that much :)

They are more than just biscuits..

- Rich in cereals
- Source of fibre
- Made with wholegrain
- Selection of vitamins & minerals
- No colours or preservatives

So they are yumminess full of goodness :) have you tried belVita before? Maybe try their balanced breakfast too! What are your mornings like?! Are you a breakfast sitter or runner?

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Love, Gemma xo



  1. I love these, haven't yet tried the yoghurt variety xx

    Pink Polka Dot & Popcorn

  2. I loved the cocoa yogurt crunch biscuits! x



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