Tuesday, 13 May 2014

SERIES: #mummyessentialproject - week 3


So for those who don't know but I hope you do by now! This is the #mummyessentialproject run by Mummy Bloggers Community (me!), which is created the weekly #mblogchat on Twitter for mummy bloggers.

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This series has started for bloggers to share their wisdom on great products and tips for expectant mummies! I am taking part from my own personal blog and over on
Mummy Bloggers Community there is a link up for everyone to share their posts and view others. The posts will go live every Tuesday, but don't worry if you want join in any time of the week :)

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You can view previous posts here:

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This weeks topic is Lotions & Potions (Bath, Bum Rash, Oil etc)

I am a lover of all things Johnsons - shampoo, bath bubbles, body wash, baby oil, baby powder (okay so just the whole damn lot!) But mainly, the great thing for when baby is a baby, is Top to Toe, it is safe to use from birth as so soft and gentle and I still use it now.

Also something I feel I must add in is Metanium Nappy Rash Ointment - the best ever cream invented. Despite it's horrible yellow texture that is incredibly hard to get off clothes, it clears the worst of nappy rash within hours and I literally mean hours!!!

Pampers I have always used for wipes and nappies, will never go for anything else as they have always worked and for me the best.

What do you think? :) What were your must-haves? Next week topic is Baby Comfort (Buggies, High Chair etc)

Love, Gemma xo



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