Tuesday, 20 May 2014

SERIES: #mummyessentialproject - week 4


So for those who don't know but I hope you do by now! This is the #mummyessentialproject run by Mummy Bloggers Community (me!), which is created the weekly #mblogchat on Twitter for mummy bloggers.

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This series has started for bloggers to share their wisdom on great products and tips for expectant mummies! I am taking part from my own personal blog and over on
Mummy Bloggers Community there is a link up for everyone to share their posts and view others. The posts will go live every Tuesday, but don't worry if you want join in any time of the week :)

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This weeks topic is Baby Comfort (Buggies, High Chair etc)

For a highchair at first whilst starting the weaning I just used his bouncer as he was still unable to sit up, then I progressed up and purchased the Cosatto 3Sixti however I didn't get as much use as I would have liked out of it because it was just too big for my flat at the time so it moved to my nans for occasional use and is ready waiting for the next child I have :) So after eating out at many restaurants and all using the same highchair, by Ikea, I went and got one for the great price of £15 which Corey continued to use for the rest of Corey in a highchair. Now I have the Stokke Tripp Trapp Chair just to give Corey some height at the table :)

Buggies so I can't have been the only one who had a fair few?! When I first got pregnant and was searching around there wasn't all these pretty fancy buggies, well the Bugaboo but was out of my price range. I ended up with like a Graco travel system, car seat etc. Treated by whom was my mother in law at the time. It was sturdy and good to serve the purpose but it was just ugly and big. I then went onto something that was more travel friendly a Quinny Zapp Xtra and then swapped for Quinny Buzz. Finally, when Corey was one I found the perfect stroller Cosatto Supa Stroller Trouble Monster (now they do cuddle monster) and I can't believe I hadn't gone to them from the start, absolutely gutted but thankful I found it in the end. Honestly amazing, great steering, super easily foldable etc. Just highly recommend. I know next child I will go for one of the Cosatto Travel Systems!

Honestly, how much of a devil does he look like with the horns and that evil look?!

What do you think? :) What were your must-haves? Come back next week as the topic is Electrical (Bottles, Sterilisers, Monitors etc :)

Love, Gemma xo



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