Thursday, 29 May 2014

Sweet Things Children Do


Welcome to probably the longest blog title I have ever had. I think as a parent, people ask what the best thing is and it is impossible to answer that question. I certainly couldn't. I love everything about being a mother and having a child, Corey brings happiness, love and pleasure to my life every single day and honestly just have the best son ever (bias of course). So today in this blog I am reflecting on some bits later that Corey has said or done, that are just hilarious or so sweet - that I feel are shareable :)

Corey & I do not often take photos as he has gotten to the age where he doesn't like the camera, but when I do snap some we get funny faces. One of these were back way before Christmas and the other just recently. Not the best quality of course as you can tell but non the less some awesome photos that I treasure, resembling the silly sides of us and our bond :) I forever look back at these and smile. With silly faces in mind, here is a very quick video of him pulling faces which is just super cute!

This is were it gets soppy, on Sunday night, my partner was out at a family wedding and Corey always asks to sleep in my bed when he is away. Whatever reason I do not know, maybe he knows he can get away with it. Despite it being a later night for the munchkin, we had a fun time and he was just the cutest ever. Not only did I get that super cute video above and the little cutie pretending to sleep here:

When posted on my Instagram here with these words, when Emily from Bump To Boy Blog said these words, and frankly they couldn't have been more sweeter or true!

At the moment Corey has a fixation on babies, clearly my fault, I must talk about babies too much. Even at his dads last weekend, he kept telling daddy how mummy was having a baby (which I am unfortunately not!) but how awkward?! Anyways, back on track, Corey was laying in bed under the duvet as you would with his knees up, he then put two teddies under there and goes "look mummy I have 2 babies in my belly" then took Spider Man out and said "that is 1 baby out now" haha it is so cute :) preparing him for when I have a baby in the future so he understands!

Corey understands that despite it being the middle of the night, he has to be moved to his bed when my partner comes home. But this time, meanie boyfriend turned the lamp on next to Corey - making him jump he almost rolled out of bed if I hadn't of caught him. Corey turned round and goes "it's too bright mummy" then as soon as I mentioned bedtime, he literally leaped up and into my arms for a goodnight cuddle then being carried off goes "mummy I love you, you're the bestest, sweet dreams" - melts my heart!

I say this all the time but I still have crazy hormones as if I were pregnant, I find myself crying every day all the time. Whether it is just Corey playing like a good boy on his own, even in soft-play centre or always telling me how much he loves me. Then this little video below of him singing along to Frozen, he is so shy so didn't know I was recording. You hear me giggling at the end but I literally had tears in my eyes - but just how adorable is it?!

As I was writing this post, Haylie posted a picture on her instagram here of her beautiful son Jacob and herself in the picture below, read the writing to see how this clearly fitted in with the theme of the sweet things children do. Thanks to Haylie for letting me share :)

Thanks for reading :) I do apologise for the rubbish quality videos but they weren't planned for YouTube but had to share Hope you enjoyed this little different post, what is the sweetest thing your kids have done for you? :)

Love, Gemma xo



  1. He is so cute. :) he will have baby E too play with when she gets here :) xx

  2. This is a very sweet blogpost! How lovely! x



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