Wednesday, 28 May 2014

TAG: The Face Five Challenge


So I have been tagged in a tag that I had never heard of before, The Face Five Challenge. I was tagged by Louise over at Lou Loves Beauty - you can view her post here.

The object of this tag is that you have FIVE products only to use for your make-up, yes that's right only five!!! Already I know this is impossible so keep reading to find out how I got on :)

The Rules:

1. Use five and only five products to create a complete make-up look.
2. Each different product counts as one product (multi-purpose products count as one product such as Benetint, Bombshell the One Stick and NARS Multiple Stick)
3. No palettes are allowed (no trios, quads or multi-shade palettes)
4. Tag five others to complete The Face Five Challenge
5. Have fun!

The Result:

The Products:

No 7 Beautifully Matte Foundation
No7 Perfect Light Pressed Powder
MAC Crew Highlighter (used as a blush)
Too Facde Better Than Sex Mascara
Sleek Eye Shadow Palette (for eyebrows)

I know in the rules you aren't meant to used palettes but I promise I only used one eye shadow for my eyebrows. You see I have very blonde eyebrows that need to be covered otherwise I look like I have none. Some goes for my eyelashes too actually! For me though personally, base is the most important as I have many imperfections which I have to cover for confidence, and I have two that work very well for my oily skin. Now you may be wondering why I am using MAC's highlighter as a blush but I am loving it - it is so pinky that it just doesn't highlight in the slightest and suits better as a blush for me!

This may sound silly but honestly I can't believe I managed to do this within 5 products, I almost used 6 if I had of used my favourite lip balm and honestly it was a hard choice between lips or eyebrows. Strangely proud that I done it though :)

I Tag:

Apologies if you have already done this, but can't wait to see whether you can do The Face Five Challenge and what products you use :) You can do this as a post or video, whichever you prefer!

Becka's Beauty Blog
Annie Writes Beauty
Beauty In Beta
Sugarfixx Beauty
Beautiface Blog

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed my attempt at this tag :) Do you reckon you could do it? If so, what would you use? Would love to know :)

Love, Gemma xo



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