Monday, 9 June 2014

#BirtMumsLive - Panic Time


So Brit Mums Live is soon approaching, 11 days in fact. Yes you read that right, it is fast approaching! For those who aren't aware this is a two day blog event for parent bloggers, comprising of the BiB's award ceremony, workshops, key note speakers and brand opportunities etc. As well as of course meeting all the wonderful fellow bloggers who will be attending. This will be my very first time attending. I am lucky because I will be travelling and staying overnight with my lovely friend Andrea from Blogger Mumma. I am fully aware of how fun this event is going to be, and I am so excited. Not done anything of the sort before so along with the excitement comes anxiety, nerves and plenty of butterflies.

Outfit Choices

Domestic Goddesque has a linky on her blog here where some of those going have shared what they are going to wear. It's hard to choose, Friday is more formal than Saturday. So Saturday for me is all sorted - jeans, smart navy waterfall cardigan and flats. Comfy! I do have a back up as for Saturday too encase it is hot weather.

It's the Friday I am stuck for, the day for meeting brands, possible chance of opportunity (first impressions are everything!) and the awards. I am not a dress person though so that is not an option. Is jeans too casual though? what does one wear with jeans to dress them up? It wouldn't be a problem but money is. I have the cutest mint coloured cardigan I picked up in Tesco, which I am so excited to wear. It would go well with a black cami - only £12.99 in New Look so hoping to pick one up. But I need accessories.

This is just me wishing away as not possible money wise. Primark would be a good place to look if I could as they are great for their accessories, always a bargain with their prices too. Both my shoes and bag need replacing. So sad to see my trusty 3 year old River Island bag go but I honestly don't think it will last through Brit Mums with the travel etc. I have found these bits from New Look which would be great:

I have the issue of my size, and body shape - it isn't nice and I am worrying to what people who I speak to daily but never met, will they judge? I doubt it, but it still would be nice to feel and look confident within your own body. Which I do not. I don't want to be the slummy one who looks like they couldn't be bothered to make an effort despite actually spending ages planning and preparing. So I ask the old question of what are you wearing to Brit Mums? Help me with some inspiration!

Business Cards

So I have ordered some business cards, which should be with me sometime this week thankfully. But oh my were they expensive. Why are they so expensive?! I got the cheapest deal I could get on, searched high and low for the best discount code but for 100 with delivery was roughly £26 and frankly is even 100 enough? I don't think so. But they will be pretty :) I want to try get some more but time is running out. What do you think?


We all talk over the internet through our computer screens - some on a daily basis and made some wonderful friends. But it doesn't stop it from crossing my mind that what if people don't like me in person? Am I going to be too shy? Will I recognise someone or get the wrong person by mistake?

I have like 1000 other worries that I can't even think of right now that have been crossing my mind from the past couple of days, I don't know what to expect or what it is going to be like and that scares me. When I think of the amount of people that are going to be there too, blimey!

Mainly, I just don't feel prepared or organised which is really annoying as that is the total opposite of me - frustration at it's highest point right now!

Although in life I do like to believe I am a friendly easy to get along with person, however, I am shy at first and find it hard to approach those I do not know. Hoping I can break these fears at the event. Are you going? If you are let me know in the comments and I will keep an eye out for you & if you do see me, be sure to say hi :) Any tips on how to ease the nerves?

Love, Gemma xo



  1. Oh darling please don't worry, just relax and ape joy it, go with the flow. And remember most of us are feeling exactly the same way :-)
    I'm sure 100 cards will be plenty, I have a pretty dress for Friday and have no idea about Saturday. I love the green cardigan, I'm looking forward to meeting you and will do so with a massive hug :-) xx

  2. It's my first time too! I haven't had a clue what I'm wearing on the Friday, but Saturday for me is a pair of jeans, cami top and jacket with flats. 100 business cards should be plenty from what others who have been before have told me you only need around 50 x

  3. My first time too :) Have actually been very surprised at how worried people are about outfits, etc. It will be fun!!! Hope to meet you there x

  4. Ah I wish I was going! It sounds like it's going to be great!
    That mint cardi is lovely!
    Anneka x



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