Thursday, 5 June 2014

Blogger's Love ❤ #2


Last week I done my first ever Blogger's Love post which you can read here. It went down so well and frankly I enjoyed sharing the love so have made it a regular thing, so welcome to week 2 :)


I have followed Hayley since I first started blogging and it honestly just amazing, her reviews are always so spot on and helpful. I always have to make sure I am up to date on everything she posts! Plus just being generally such a lovely person :)


Antoinette writes one of my favourite blogs. Not only I but others too look to Antoinette for motivation, honestly, she writes and speaks from the heart with such a passion and it's so lovely and refreshing. I just always read but especially when I need a pick me up!


One of my most favourite parenting blogs, especially following her pregnancy. Nicola always has really fun posts which are a bit different to the usual and has some superb photography skills!


Love love love this blog by Katie - just all of her posts are great, mix of beauty and lifestyle. Great photography, layout and of course content. Just all great :) Plus really helpful and insightful reviews!

Keep coming back each week to see some more great blogs and be sure to check out all these today :) who is your favourite blogger of the week? Give them a tweet and let them know as I can assure you that it will make their day!

Love, Gemma xo



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