Tuesday, 24 June 2014

#BritMumsLive - What I Learnt & Blog Changes!


If you read my blog reguarly (if you do then thanks!), you would see in my last post that I visited #BritMumsLive a 2 day blogger's conference - you can read about my first ever experience by clicking here. This post is about What I Learnt over the weekend through workshops and speakers. But also because of this there is going to be some changes round here on my blog so keep reading to find out what :)

I have decided not to go into such detail on each session I attended because in the end in all honestly they had the same summary, which is the reasoning for this blog post because I have learnt an incredible amount and I feel much more positive and changed my views of my blog.

"Power of the blog, is that it is you" - Melinda, @HerMelness

I admit I am not the best blogger out there, far from it actually. I am also a very amateur writer and photographer. There is always room for improvements for my writing and photography skills. A bit of a social media addict. I learnt that you can't do everything though, this takes me back to a conversation I had with Becky Bedbug a few weeks ago during a #lbloggers chat. It was about Social Media and how you can't always keep on top of them all, Facebook isn't very helpful for my blog and I struggle to keep posting. Becky assured me that frankly you can't do everything (if you don't want too), there are so many platforms of Social Media these days. I have decided to concentrate on Twitter, Instagram and BlogLovin - ones I am good at and concentrating on a few means I can take the time to make the most out of them and perfect them. One of the speakers said if any new Social Media platforms come out then she refuses to sign up as there are just too many now!

Work with what you have and improve on areas you want too!

When I first started this blog back in September of last year, I had no idea what I was doing and it was a diary so I had a place of my own to be myself. Over the time, my blog and I have grown which is absolutely fantastic. But I often lose sight of why I originally started, I get consumed in my own worries of not being good enough, comparing myself and the dreaded stats. Losing the fun of blogging! Sometimes I just need to take a break, step back and look at what I am doing.

Find your voice and stick to it!

This blogging conference, I finally got so much inspiration and a head full of ideas now. I generally blog a mixture of parenting, beauty and lifestyle - I don't like being tied down to one thing because I would feel restricted and probably never end up posting. I am now also going to be posting random ramblings, maybe a diary or maybe both whether it be I have a bad day or just a catch up on my life.

I now know where I want my blog to go, how to do it (sort of!) and will being putting a plan of action together. Whether it be doing adsense, improving my SEO etc. This blog is more than a hobby to me now and I want to take it to the next level if I can with lots of hard work and dedication :)

Everyone should check out this amazing post written by Lucy from SuperGolden Bakes about her Top 10 Blogging Tips by clicking here. A summary of what we all learnt to help improve ourselves and our blogs!

Make the most of what you can do!

Some people left the event wanting to change their whole blog completely, stop blogging, just have a re-vamp etc. I may change my blog name again eventually, mine seems too long but it is so sweet and others including brands always comment on it so a hard choice. I have changed the info provided on my blog and some layout bits will change soon too. But for now I am happy with how my blog is at the moment, content wise but I will stop comparing myself, stop worrying about what others think and enjoy my blogging journey completely!

So what do you think? Are you inspired or are you sticking with what you do now? :)

Love, Gemma xo



  1. I've already done a little rejig. And I started the facebook page just because I thought I 'had' to, but I find twitter is more the place for me to be honest. Facebook I may have to discard because it all gets too much! x

  2. I think it is great to make changes but that people should try to make them an "evolution" not a "revolution". Small changes mean that you don't risk alienating your existing userbase :) . Your blog is great but you should try to make it "a bit better" never "totally different".

    Take a look back at your first posts and just see how much your style has changed since then. Your photography and writing style have both developed really well. You should take pride in that! :)



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