Sunday, 29 June 2014

Disney #1 - Favourite Movies


I have decided to do a series of Disney posts :) As we are a Disney obsessed family I of course will be adding Corey's favourites as well as my own - hope you enjoy something a bit different! Be sure to follow here on bloglovin to keep up to date, usually posts will be every Saturday (I am a day late this week - whoopsie!)

Here is the list of movies we enjoy the most:

Disney Film Movies Favouties Mummy Baby Toddler Reviews

As you can see this week I have gone for Favourite Disney Films. It was soo hard to choose from, I really struggled but these are some we watch on a regular basis :) Parent Trap is an old one, but one I used to and still am in love with. I prefer Monsters Inc because of my obsession with Boo whereas Corey prefers Monsters University I think because of the crazy pig! Another favourite of mine at the moment that isn't mentioned is Saving Mr Banks a film about Walt Disney and the creation of Mary Poppins, a film for adults and it is brilliant! We have watched all of the Toy Story movies over and over as this is Corey's ultimate favourite. He also has a thing for Ariel from The Little Mermaid which I missed off the above list! I am really enjoying all the new princesses that are coming out, I am obsessed with Tangled and also think that Brave is so good - both different to the traditional :)

Come back next week for a wishlist of bits we would want from Disney Store :) I would love to know what is your ultimate favourite film?!

Love, Gemma xo


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  1. I love Disney, I can't wait until Baby L is old enough to watch them with me x



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