Friday, 6 June 2014

Fragrance Favourites


Today we are talking about my collection of perfumes as a day wouldn't go by without me wearing one :) Something I thought I would share and hopefully find out what some of your favourites are, if you let me know in the comments box.

For years I would only ever wear the same perfume, someone would buy me it every Birthday/Christmas because I was just in love. This was the J-Lo Live, oh it was gorgeous but of course after years of it, it had to come to an end. Which is truly horrific and I still can't get over it.

I love fruity smelly, summery and just like pretty smells - I know that isn't clear but for any fragrance fanatics you will know what I mean. When my one love had become to had to find, I went on a search for more around a year ago now and these are the beauties I have come across:

First off there was Vera Wang Lovestruck and also Vera Wang Princess (not pictured), both beautiful perfumes bottle wise and smell wise. Then came Versace Red Jeans which is so cheap and my handbag perfume, a bit more of an elegant smell than the others and they do his and hers, so Versace Blue Jeans for men which is yummy! Next I got Marc Jacobs Daisy which is of course summery, I love the classic look of the bottle with the added touch of big neon flowers and smells divine. Lastly, onto my most recent and now all time favourite Vera Wang Be Jeweled which I swear when I received this at Christmas, my nan must have read my mind. I had tested in store prior to Christmas and fell in love, was going to treat myself but I resisted and when I opened it Christmas day - oh the excitement! I can't explain the smell, a little similar to the Daisy but nicer and more fruity scented. It is a must for your collection if you haven't already!

Prices: J-Lo Live, £25.05 (50ml) .. Vera Wang Lovestruck, £40.80 (50ml) .. Vera Wang Princess, £44.50 (50ml) .. Versace Red Jeans, £14.99 (75ml) .. Marc Jabobs Daisy, Similar, £48 (50ml) .. Vera Wang Be Jeweled, £48 (50ml)

All very girly, fruity and summery perfumes - one's I absolutely adore :) If you hadn't realised that until now! Let me know what your favourite is and I will be sure to test it out :)

Love, Gemma xo


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  1. It's awful when perfumes you love get discontinued or you find a limited edition one! :-) We love girly, fruity and summery perfumes too! We've recently bought the 'Cacharel Amor Amor' (blue/green packaging) - you would love it Gemma :-)

    x Roch & Tash x



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