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SERIES: #mummyessentialproject - Week 6


If you didn't know by now, this is the #mummyessentialproject run by Mummy Bloggers Community (me!), which created the weekly #mblogchat on Twitter for mummy bloggers.

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This series has started for bloggers to share their wisdom on great products and tips for expectant mummies! I am taking part from my own personal blog and over on
Mummy Bloggers Community there is a link up for everyone to share their posts and view others. The posts will go live every Tuesday, but don't worry if you want join in any time of the week :)

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This weeks topic is Teething (Gel, Soothing Toys etc)

I have to admit Corey was an angel when it came to teething, he did dribble so bibs were needed and he loved to suck on his muslin square a lot but that was it, there wasn't the excessive crying or moaning of pain. We did of course have a few bits handy just encase, Bonjela Teething Gel which seemed to do the trick if he ever had a bad day. I did pick up the Bickiepegs as they were highly recommended to me, but oh god do not go for them, I panicked that ever time Corey would suck on it he would choke on it - awful things!

For toys wise I had all of what was available at the time from Tommee Tippee range and if you read last weeks electrical post, you will know my love for Tommee Tippee. The teething toys lived up to the hype too. Our favourite was the smiley mirrior and the wobble bug :) Plus they had the Stage 1 and Stage 2 dummy like suckers like above and these were great! Now 3 years on they have more of a wider range to offer too, so can't wait to try them wt my next :) Just again I highly recommend anything Tommee Tippee.

There is also the water filled things, which you can buy everywhere, we had Boots own brand but honestly neither Corey or I were fans to be honest and frankly they had sharp edges which annoyed me as you were meant to put that in your babies mouth? No, no, no!

I remember at the time seeing Sophie The Giraffe around at The Baby Show but at the time they hadn't long realised in the UK so weren't very well known here, I never picked one up. Now they are taking the teething business by storm and I will be sure to give one a go next time as they are super cute :)

Please let me know what your teething essentials are?!

Love, Gemma xo



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