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Stretch Mark Solutions


Today I am talking about something close to my heart, the pain of stretch marks and some solutions that may help - natural home remedies and store products :)

Stretch Marks

I debated whether to get into real technical terms here but I decided to keep is basic as let's face it, unless you are in a profession that needs to know! Basically they are visible looking scars/lines/marks, concentrated on your stomach but can be also be found on thighs, upper arms, bum and boobs.

There are many factors that could be cause of stretch marks, some but not limited to these are -

1. Pregnancy
2. Sudden Weight Gain or Loss
3. Stress
4. Rapid Growth
5. Hereditary
6. Stress
7. Certain Health Conditions

Stretch marks can leave many people (ladies or men!) feeling very uncomfortable and concious, which isn't a nice feeling. Luckily there are many ways to treat stretch marks, hence why I am sharing some of these with you :)

Don't just think stretch marks are for us larger or pregnant ladies, body builders get them from stretching the skin beyond what is normal for it and I have seen on skinner people, their backs can have them from the skin trying to shrink to the body size. Strange ey?

My stretch marks are in all places known to man kind, literally so irritating but I have had them since I was about 14 due to my weight mainly when I would gain/lose weight dramatically, pregnancy didn't help either. I have 1001+ on my stomach which are very faded but noticeable. Those elsewhere like on my arms are very pink/purple and noticeable. I have found a few good remedies that suit my body as well as loosing weight of course helps massively.

Home Remedies

1. Lemon Juice

When I was younger my nan taught me soaking my nails in Lemon Juice would make them whiter, it was a trick that worked. But actually because it is full of acid, it will help heal and reduce stretch marks as well as acne and other scars.

- Apply the Lemon Juice in circular motions over affected areas.
- Leave to soak into skin for around 10 minutes before rinsing off with warm water.

I have heard that you could mix cucumber juice with this for extra effect, but whether that is true or not I am unsure.

2. Olive Oil

Another trick from my childhood, Olive Oil can be used to get rid of dirt from the ears if you get a lot of build up. I used to suffer with many ear infections including a burst ear drum once!
Olive Oil has nutrients and antioxidants which are great for helping improve various skin problems. If you mix with vinegar and water it makes a night cream that will moisturise and exfoliate your skin - very interesting & I shall be sure to try it.

- Massage slightly warm into affected area.
- Leave for half and hour or so for it to fully absorb and leave over night

3. Water

This shouldn't really come as a shock to any of us as Water hydrates the body and helps with so many things including pores, stretch marks and much more. It is suggested to have 10 glasses per a day for best results, or 2 litres. However, for someone like myself who doesn't drink water I do notice the difference even if I drink 2 small bottles a day. I suggest starting off with smaller amounts and working your daily amount up naturally, this will also help to actually stick to it.

4. Aloe Vera

Good old fashioned Aloe Vera with is becoming even more popular these days. If I get sunburnt, I always find an After Sun Lotion/Gel with Aloe Vera which soothes and cools the pain for the most fast effective healing.

- Directly rub Aleo Vera Gel onto affected area
- Leave for a few minutes and rinse with warm water

Store Products

1. Bio Oil

Known for helping with many scars whatever they may be, the most popular being stretch marks. The result rate is so unbelievably high. I have tried this before but for myself I do not like oil based as I am so oily as it is, do not need any help in that department.

2. Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion

This is a cream based for stretch marks and has a pregnant lady on the front. It is my absolute favourite! Using twice daily, within a week I notice amazing differences. Used throughout pregnancy and you will hopefully be stretch mark free. It isn't an oily cream and dries really quickly once massaged into the affected areas.

They also have two other varieties - tummy butter or massage cream.

3. Remescar Silicone Stretch Marks Scar Cream

This brand seems to be new on the block and frankly I am intrigued. As the name states it is a silicone cream, which is different to most. But I think it is quite like Bio Oil in many respects. If you have tried this, I would love to know your thoughts as think I will pick up a pot but it is pricey at £24.99!

There are so many others in Boots too but I didn't want to mention too many, so be sure to check them out.

Clinical Treatments

I wasn't going to talk about these, but some may want to know that there is also these possibilities. Personally I wouldn't as for me money wise it seems a waste, because stretch marks do fade over time with perseverance. Neither are provided by the NHS so will cost a fair amount!

1. Laser Therapy

There are several various types of Laser Therapy available for treatment. Pulsed dye laser treatment is one of these which is painless and usually for the early stages of stretch marks when they are pinky.

2. Cosmetics Surgery

This just seems really drastic and from what I can find the only possible Cosmetic Surgery avaliable would be a Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) which gets rid of excess skin and fat from your stomach.

So what do you use to treat your stretch marks? Any secrets you have to share please do :)

Love, Gemma xo



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