Monday, 28 July 2014

21st Birthday: Random Bits Haul


I am here with yet again another 21st birthday post! This one is a haul of some random bits I have been buying with my birthday money :) I have a beauty haul coming soon so be sure to catch that one too later on this week!

Disney Store

Buzz Light Year ball and Jake the Pirate sword, were bits we picked up from the shop! Corey picked up that sword, he weren't leaving without it :) Zurg, well Toy Story is a bit of a thing in my house but my other half would tell me stories of how him and his brothers played with Zurg as they grew up. As soon as I saw it hit the online shop, I immediately treated him so he could make memories with Corey :)

Nike Factory Outlet Store

Well bit of a random I know, but my aim is to really drink more water. As I don't drink any at all at the moment! I thought even little bits to start off with would be better than nothing. This cute bottle is my aim, a litre a day, so wish me luck!

Cadbury Outlet Store

Cadbury Outlet, are you kidding me? Was like heaven! £2 for 10 creme eggs, okay I didn't take pictures of these because they were soon eaten in this house! But I did pick up these little goodies. I had wanted a vintage tin for a while now, I had actually seen a cornflakes one in TK MAXX about 5 minutes before but I didn't get it because not too keen on cornflakes. But 99p Flake Ice-Creams, I loveee them! It was just made for me :) As was this Curly Wurly mug, both my mum and I grew up loving these so this is just a perfect reminder as we don't have them often but have been indulging recently :)

Tangle Teezer

I have wanted one for absolute yonks, finally I got one in my local hairdressers. Not sure if I am that keen on the colour though! But so exicted to try and see if it really does help untangle my knots!

The Works

Well I have a whole post coming on this soon, but as you can probably tell it is time to start getting serious and teaching my munchkin some bits to prepare for school next year :)

Build A Bear

A couple of weeks ago I was shopping in Cambridge, when I saw a Build A Bear sign with these wonderful Turtles on. I immediately went in, but I was a week early! So as my birthday came, I made sure we especially took a trip to our local shopping centre just for this. So we did :) It was kind of my birthday treat to him. He loved it!


We may be a bit early for the nice weather we are having, but he didn't need any more sandals. But I am preparing for the rainy weather we will get soon enough!


These films are just WOWZA, I loveee them - you must watch!!

I am pleased with my bits, of course mainly the Disney Store because who doesn't love Disney! If you had to buy something/anything from Disney, what would it be?!

Love, Gemma xo

**Disclaimer - I have brought all of these with money given by family for my birthday**

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  1. What a lovely little Birthday Haul, treating yourself and your family! Hope you had a lovely birthday :)

    S xo.



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