Thursday, 3 July 2014

Annoying Questions/Phrases Children Say!


You may have seen last week's post on wanting to be a bit more free with what I write after inspiration from Brit Mums Live, if not you can read here. Finally plucking up the courage to write some different posts :)

annoying questions kids say

So baring that in mind, here is my post on those annoying. highly irritating phrases and questions Corey (and a fair few kids in general) say:

1. Why?

OMG, why why why?! Like why was this word even invented? How could one small simple question be so annoying and such a problem causer. Because sometimes there just isn't an answer!

2. Noo!

Argh, I have to say no quite a lot because usually I am the only person who will say no to Corey. But my god, when a kid refuses to do something by just saying no - frustrated mummy!

3. I don't like you

Well it is just plain not nice isn't it really? :( He never means it!

4. You're not my best friend anymore

So I am Corey's best friend, he tells me all the time and gets very upset if I say back to him that he is not my best friend anymore. But he doesn't understand it upsets me when he says it? Now, if I just say 'fine', he will say sorry and hug me!

5. I am not tired

Baring in mind this is said whilst he is yawning and like half 8 at night sometimes. I get why they don't want to go to bed, but when they are pretty much asleep anyways!

6. It's mine

He has full on issues with sharing toys, even if the toy is not his. But he will happily share other things like food etc, he offers you bits. But toys, no. If he likes it, it is his. He will moan if someone uses it even if it is like a swing at the park.

7. But I want it / But I need it

Corey's excuse for the toys he wants or something like that. He will always find an excuse even if it is because he needs it. He apparently doesn't have enough toys tell that to the living room full, nanny's and great grandparents houses that are filled to the brim with toys!!!

8. Cos I did

Exactly how Corey says it, all the time. His absolute excuse for everything whether he cloggs up my toilet, throws a strop or says something naughty. Now if he says it, straight to naughty step and eventually he will give me the proper reason. It still is an on going battle though!

9. This is boring

Well child think how I feel watching the same Toy Story movie for the 4th time in 3 days and think you are the only one who gets bored?!

10. It's not fair!

I don't even know where to start with this one, nothing is ever fair. We all know that, but how do you explain to the kid is throwing the strop for the toy he 'needs' and its not fair mummy won't let him have it - an endless cycle of never getting anywhere!

11. I can't do it

But he can. He does it all the time, it's just pure laziness or his attempt at getting everyone else to do stuff for him. He can be so sly at times!

12. Are we there yet?

I haven't experienced this too much, the odd occasion and it is so annoying. I now know why there is a whole movie named after it, why my mum used to get so annoyed and just in general everyone else for that matter!

13. I'm puffed out

Literally he walks for two minutes, if that sometimes and decides to crouch down and says he is puffed out. Oh if only he knew!

14. Grrr

Corey lifts his shoulders up, puts up his fists, frowns pulling his supposdly cross face and goes 'grrr' whenever he doesn't get his way, I say something he doesn't like or just generally he wants too. He does it in such a cute way though!

15. But I did that last week

It's not necessarily a bad thing but I can not wait for the day until Corey can understand the difference between yesterday, last week etc. He says something and says we did it yesterday when in fact it was over 6 months ago. Got to give props to his memory though!

There is so many more but I can't think of what at the top of my head and trust him not to say these when I want him too! What is it your kids say that are irritating?! I know I am not the only one but who is willing to admit it?!

Love, Gemma xo

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  1. these all sound familiar, I said them to my mother. So likely JOOD would be telling me them

  2. haha! We have a lot of 'NO' at the moment. I am totally blaming George from Peppa Pig as she says it just like he does! I've now banned it in my house!!

  3. I don't think any child ever will say the words 'I'm tired' well none that I know anyway! Great post, reminds me of when my little sister was a few years younger, and makes me realise I've got all this to come in a few years! #Weeklylinky

  4. Omg! My son says pretty much all of those and it's so annoying lol his favourite annoying phrase is "I'm telling my Daddy" whenever I tell him off xx #weeklylinky



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