Wednesday, 13 August 2014

A Whole Week Apart #3


So you may have seen post one and post two, all about how Corey is spending the week on holiday with his dad - away from me!

A whole bloody week!

I said in the last post, I love to look at old pictures and thanks to time hop I came across this golden oldie - super cute :)

Last night, I was very fortune as I got to speak to my little munchkin moo on the phone. I try to keep my distance but it is very hard. It had been 4 days, with 4 days left.

I spoke to him for almost 8 minutes, I didn't want to say goodbye but it was quite late and he gets so distracted so easily so better to say goodnight whilst he was still sort of paying attention enough to say it back!

I have to admit, after spending 4 days wanting to talk to him, waiting for my phone to ring last night was like watching paint dry - felt like forever! I think speaking to him made it worse though. Wait, it isn't mean - let me explain.

Time has been going quite quickly, mainly because I have spent the time sleeping! I was missing him soo much, looking forward to his return and him telling me all about his holiday which I know he would of had so much fun!

He was busy telling me about the train, tower, sealife (so jealous, my favourite place) and how today he will be on a boat! It was so sweet and frankly I was so proud of him as he sounded so grown up talking in full sentences, which he does but maybe I noticed more as had been so long since I last spoke to him.

Like I said, I had been missing him so much and speaking to him was fantastic. Made my heart melt, but it made me cry too. This reason to why this has made me worse, is because now I have spoken to him, I want speak to him again and again!

It is sooo hard, I hate being away from him, not having cuddles and kisses or little giggles. I even miss the tantrums - it is feeling like FOREVER but only 2 sleeps left and I am soooo excited!!!!!! :) counting down the hours officially starts now!

Love, Gemma xo

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  1. Oh lovely! I'm sad for you. I can barely do a night away from mine until I'm itching to get back with them. Use this to your advantage, use this time to plan some really amazing activities for when he gets back! hit up Pinterest for some ideas! I could really do with a childfree day to play on Pinterest! ;D



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