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Body Shop Tea Tree Collection Review


Today is another beauty related post after my big birthday beauty haul. I am reviewing the Body Shop Tea Tree Collection. I don't have all of it, but seem to have collected most of it :)

Body Shop Tea Tree Collection Review

I started off with just the Pore Minimiser, then I wanted the Night Lotion but they had 40% off so got a few more bits. Then I went back for even more with another brilliant offer of £25 off a £50 spend. Honestly, they always have deals on - it is great :) Makes everything such a bargain and I don't feel as guilty for spending!

I have always had really bad acne from a young age, it finally started to clear with the really strong medication Roaccutane. But this stuff is so strong with many side affects and well you can't be on it forever. So as my time was up, and thanks to all the beauty bloggers I realised I needed to step up my skincare routine. When I was in my early teens, my dad used to take me into Body Shop and treat me to bits like the lovely Mango Body Butter as he always swore by the Hemp Hand Protector as a gardener he had really rough yukky hands!

Squeaky Clean Scrub £6.50 - "Unclogs pores without over-drying the skin"

Facial Wash £5 - "Removes impurities for clearer looking skin"

Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser £5 - "Removes impurities and excess oil for clearer looking skin"

Facial Toner £5 - "Sweeps away traces of impurities for clearing looking skin. Leaves skin looking mattified"

Skin Clearing Lotion £8 - "Lightweight hydration with shine-control for clearer looking skin"

Night Lotion £9 - "Helps improve the appearance of blemish damaged skin"

Blemish Gel £6 - "Targeted care. Instantly cools and soothes"

Pore Minimiser £7.50 - "Pores look small, skin feels purer. Smoothes, primes and instantly mattifies"

Face Mask £10 - "Instantly cools and lifts away impurities"

Now all together that is £62 which seems like alot, but actually it is not when you think how much you get from it. When say something like Glam Glow Mud Mask is £39 on its own! Plus like I say they always have deals on, if you get 40% off that would make it £37.20, saving you £24.80 - BARGAIN!!

All of these do exactly as it says, the Roaccuntane medicine that I was on would get rid of excess oils which was what helped the most I feel. Now sadly my face is producing these again, these skincare bits really help. Sometimes I feel like it is too drying but it isn't, but you really do feel the difference immediately. It completely mattifies!!

It has honestly been absolute years since I wore face masks, I honestly don't know why as I used to love them and I have re-found my love again finally :) I put it on whilst Corey was in the bath one evening and he found it so funny, thought I was hulk - don't know whether to laugh or be offended at that!

Also, in the Tea Tree range, they have - Cool and Creamy Wash, Cleansing Wipes, Oil, Body Wash, BB Cream and Concealer. They also have these great kits which qualify for a discount, these are permanent:

SOS kit £10 - Oil, Pore Minimiser

Essential kit £12.90 - Cleanser, Facial Toner, Clearing Lotion

Ultimate kit £22.10 - Squeaky Clean Scrub, Cleanser, Facial Toner, Clearing Lotion, Night Lotion

I absolutely LOVE this stuff, works really well all together and would 100% recommend to anyone, especially for those who are oily and acne prone like myself. It's been a god send! All for such a great price too :) I really want to try the BB Cream, usually I am not a fan of these but one that is directed at acne and oily skin may be worth it?! Anyone tried? :)

I have to admit I am gutted I haven't done before and after pictures to show you the amazing difference, but in about a month I will report and have pictures to completely show what this range does to ones skin!

Do you have any top tips or products for oily or acne skin? :) Would love to know!

Love, Gemma xo


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