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A post a little different to the normal on here, but today I am talking about Body Shaming.

Growing up I was bullied, a fair bit to be honest. The fat ginger girl who had bad acne - well not much going for me there is it really?! I forever spent my teens trying to grow up in a hurry, thinking as we got older maybe it would stop. To some extent it does. But adults still bully, not out right as such but slyly. For example, you see all over the "news" celebrities that have put on weight whilst pregnant or just in general. How that is actual news is beyond me? Front page of magazines, celebrities being slated for cellulite on their beach bodies?

No man or women is perfect. We all have our little imperfections. But we are who we are and that is what makes us who we are.

I am a rather larger size at the moment, I wish I wasn't. If I worked hard enough, I could lose it but I don't want too at the moment. Okay I do. But I don't have the energy too! Why should I be ashamed of my size? If and when I lose weight, I know its because I need to for my health. Not because doctors or society say I am obese! Frankly, what has it got to do with anyone else? My weight doesn't impact anyone else besides myself and maybe my family. But if the man and child who loves me is okay with it, then why shouldn't anyone else be?

One of my favourite bloggers, Penny from www.lilliesandlove.co.uk actually set up this little project. Not that as blogger's we can change the world, this mean soceity that we live in. But its a start! Why look at the negativity when we can focus on the positive?

So I have been paired up with a lovely fellow blogger, I will choose 3 things to share about her and then 3 things about myself! I understand this is about body shaming, but honestly I have chose some personality traits too as I am more of a believe that it is the inside that counts! :) Plus if you feel good inside, you will feel good on the outside - hence a bit more confidence :)

Julie Roo

1. A very inspirational woman with a caring nature. As part of #TeamHonk - a blogger's team who fundraise for Sports Relief. They did a massive relay race, it was that amazing that an elephant attended!! Also Sky Dived in remembrance of #MatildaMae raising money for The Lullaby Trust :)

2. Julie has an amazing figure, I am insanely jealous of Julie's legs!! I feel like I don't even need to talk about this too much as the picture just speaks for itself. She is just naturally beautiful :)

3. A lovely caring mum, to two beautiful boys & the cutest dog! 


A lot of us were saying on Twitter how we couldn't write this part because frankly we don't like anything about ourselves, at first I was going to ask my boyfriend for 3 things he liked about me. But Penny reminded me this whole thing is to try and make people feel confident, better about themselves. Myself included, so I must give it a go -

1. I don't know if this counts as such, but I would like to think that I am a good mummy - the best I can be anyways. He is my whole focus, my whole life and I wouldn't be who I am today without my little rascal! :)

2. I like that I am a caring person, I am the one my friends come to when they need advise or a bit of a rant. I listen, give advice and known for being the agony aunt. If I weren't so emotional then I would have loved to be a Psychiatrist!

3. Ermmm, my eyes - I like the colour of blue they are and because Corey has the same eyes as me :)

I admit I struggled to write about myself but could have found so many more reasons why Julie is so wonderful! I guess it is easy to find things about someone else but when it comes to yourself, you can't look past the imperfections you feel.

If you follow the hashtag #bodyUNashamed you can see every one else's posts too! I think in all around 65 of us are taking part - how cool is that!

So there you have it, my #bodyUNashamed post :) I am proud to take part in such a great cause to help myself and others feel better about ourselves, try to boost self confidence! Can you find 3 things you like about yourself? :)

Love, Gemma xo

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  1. What an amazing ideas #bodyUNashamed is. Other than your eyes you didn't pick up any other physical attributes and you should have! It's hard to see them yourself but you have many great attributes!! x



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