Friday, 22 August 2014

Educating Pre-Schoolers: Top 5 Apps


You may have seen my previous post on Eduating Pre-Schoolers it was an introduction to this new series which you can read here. Today I am talking Top 5 Apps.

I know there is a lot around whether a child should use a tablet whether it be an ipad, android or even a children's tablet. There is a lot around at the moment and for a reason, technology is the future. In a shop a little while ago, I saw a store using ipad as a till? Who would have though! I feel we need to embrace it but I am also for embracing the inner child of the walks in the woods, board games and more. There needs to be balance.

top 5 children apps

Corey can use an ipad, he knows how to facetime his nanny and play games etc. But the games we do have for him, are child friendly and mainly learning :) So today I share the ones I feel are very good for helping children learn!

1. Talking ABC £1.99

top 5 children apps

Corey hasn't quite got the hang of reading letters yet, to be expected at his age really. But he can tell which letter is associated to which animal thanks to this app, which is a step in the right direction ey :) Although some of the animals are a bit like what?!

2. Preschool and Kindergarten Learning £6.99 (they also do a numbers one too!)

top 5 children apps

This one is really good because in the speak over, it does the phonic, reads the sentence at the top for what 'A' is for. and give you chances to write with lines and without :)

3. Little Writer Free

top 5 children apps

This one is great because it comes with all the numbers, letters and even shapes. It is a fun one to mix it up from the usual! Plus Corey finds it fun he is following an animal and fruit!

4. Kizzu Letter Book £1.49

top 5 children apps

Another letters one, but this one gives you like 12 or 15 chances starting from following right through to doing it on your own. Harder for Corey, he has only just started so isn't very confident in doing when no lines to follow!

5. Phonics Island Free

top 5 children apps

I can't get my head around phonics, I never have. So this is a great app for both of us to learn from! He seems to like making the funny noises, but it seems to confuse him too. How do your kids to phonics?

I have included pictures to show you what they are about because that's the best way really to tell what it is like in my opinion :) Without having to pay for trial and error like I did! I haven't said anything about them just because the pictures explain it enough in my opinion.

There you have it, I hope this is helpful for at least one person as these are apps that have proved to be very helpful for Corey :) Do you have any other app recommendations?!

Love, Gemma xo


  1. My little one uses the cbeebies app to and I've recently discovered some tower building and shape sorting apps by cubic frog -little one is on the ipad at the moment so I can't get the names! Always good to get more ideas though as they now use I pads at nursery so as long as they're not on it all the time and using it for educational games I don't see the harm. She will definitely be more technologically minded than me!!

  2. These apps look great - people give technology a bad name when it comes to gadgets and children but it's great that we can also use technology to enhance learning too. :)


    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx



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