Tuesday, 2 September 2014

1st Blogiversary :)❤


Today I am celebrating a very special anniversary! I can not actually believe that today is exactly a year since I started this little blog of mine, I remember it as if it were just last week. Sitting in bed, wondering what to do recovering from surgery and thinking why not start a blog. Time flies when having fun ey? :)

I will admit I didn't know much about them and thought they were really unheard of, oh I how I was wrong. I have entered into one of the biggest global growing hobbies (craze, industry etc - what ever you want to call it) at the moment.

I am not creative, not really in the slightest to be honest. But I do like to express feelings in some way and this is that. I am not the best writer, nor do I have the knack of actually keeping up with something for so long. But I am so proud of myself, how far I have come from my writing and photography skills. Rather ashamed of my first posts to be honest *heads off and deletes*.

Hands down the best part about blogging is the community, it is absolutely massive and there is some ups and downs, like with most things in life. But I am so beyond thankful for the wonderful friends I have made, they may be 100s of miles away but I feel closer to them than friends I have known for years. Having a down day and someone is always there to cheer me up :) It is full of the nicest and caring people! Great to meet other parents or people with interests such as beauty. Neither of which I really have in real life!

Some people see blogging as a bad thing as it is such an insight to your life to complete strangers. I don't really want people I personally know to read this, so it isn't something I speak of often but you know I am sure one day someone will stumble upon it. At first I didnt even think anyone would read, but people seem too. I worry at times as I don't always blog every week, sometimes I just have nothing to say. I want to enjoy writing, I don't want to put pressure onto myself for something that I feel should be fun. Although I get stressed at times! Blogging makes me happy, gives me something to escape to at the end of a stressful day, a place where I can be totally myself and share all the thoughts that go through my head. I just hope that someone will read something and if it could help them in one way or just put a smile on someones face - then that is all its about :)

Usually a blogiversary is a time to share stats, but instead I want to share some of the amazing opportunities I have been fortunate to have:

- Proud founder and host of @mummy_bloggers and the #mblogchat
- 2 page spread in Visit From The Stork new magazine, aimed for parents under 25
- Got to blog for the Kiddicare blog, debating pros and cons of co-sleeping (view here)
- Worked with some amazing brands including Morrisons, Trunki, Nova Harley, BelVita & more :)
- Attended Brit Mums Live 2014 blogging conference (view here)

Of course much more, but can't think on top of my head! So extremely proud of these moments. It symbolises to me how far I have come from the day I started this blog, something I thought nothing would come out of.

I have almost reached 200 posts, when I do it will be a little thankyou giveaway so keep an eye out :) There we have it, my very first blogiversary - I am off to celebrate with cake, as that is tradition right?! Here is to many more years blogging!

Love, Gemma xo


  1. Oh wow, that's fab in one year - you should be so proud! Happy blogiversary :D
    Ellie - misseblog | xomisse design

  2. Congratulations lovely, a year goes so quickly! Happy Blog Birthday xxx

  3. Massive congratulations to you! Sounds like you've had a great year and all your hard work's paid off. Keep enjoying and sharing xx #weeklylinky

  4. Congratulations, You have done so well! I have recently started my blog and I would love to be able to keep it up for the next year! Hope you treated yourself to a little Blogiversary present!



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