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Birds Eye #AfterSchoolChefs Challenge*


Being apart of the Brit Mums Community means I am lucky enough to get some really fun opportunities to work with some great brands. Today it is Birds Eye :) As soon as I hear their name, I instantly think fish fingers. I was sent £20 worth of vouchers, to spend in store and create some meals which would be perfect for after school etc.

Here is ALL the goodies I managed to pick up for only roughly £16 at Tesco and Sainsburys who both had special offers on at the moment. It seems a lot to buy that much worth of just Birds Eye goodies but I have a lot for the money which will be a fair few meals for us two!

If you read my blog regularly then most of you may know that recently I became a single parent. But I have been dying for a roast, frankly it didn't seem worth the effort or money for just myself and Corey. Whilst on my shop, I came across these and was so over the moon. It may seem lazy to some, but for someone in my position, it is a god send and was only £2 each. I am so excited to try and will certainly report back when I get the chance to try later this week :) Nothing more satisfying then helping a craving!

Not only that but honestly I am not the greatest cook, I can cook but sometimes after a long day (okay more so when I was working) I just couldn't be bothered. I have more time now as a current stay at home mum but those days are soon to be over. Birds Eye provide such healthy quick easy meal options. Corey will be starting school soon as will I with working, I dread that evening rush of getting in to prepare dinner, bath and bed all before a certain time. It doesn't seem realistic in my eyes but I am sure when I get used to it, it will be easier. Any tips on how to manage this would be great? :)

I am not a fan of fish fingers, don't know why but just never have been. Once a friend of mine cooked a fish finger sandwich with a difference and it was super yummy. Shame I haven't got a picture to show you but you must try it. Make a fish finger sandwich with egg (either fried or scrambled) and ketchup. Then when sandwich is made, pour beans over the top of the sandwich. So it's not a sandwich you can pick up with your hands but the mix of them all is so strangely yummy :) Corey loves it and it is filling, a great Sunday morning brunch idea too instead of a fry up!

The sausage rolls I purchased are easily some of the best sausage rolls ever, we usually have for lunch with crisps but pair it with the potato waffles and some veg for dinner and got yet another meal.

I admit it looks a bit naughty as I haven't brought any vegetables but Birds Eye do great frozen selections of vegetables, all sorts of different ranges including steam bag versions. They also have frozen pasta bits which are at the top of my list to try next as both Corey and I have a huge obsession with anything pasta!

Here is one meal we made and Corey enjoying himself:

I know it seems a bit of a weird mixture what we actually had but it was a nice healthy meal and gave a really good size portion! It was delicious as you can tell by Corey's concentration face and was eaten very fast :) He found the mashtag's so funny. After a debate on trying to explain what a hashtag was, when he thought the @ sign was a snail - I just went with it!

As I am typing this away after our dinner, he goes type that is was "so so so so yum" whilst rubbing his belly :)

The meal took about 25 minutes to cook, which seems a while but it was as easy as shove most of it in the oven. I would recommend that time be when the children do some homework whilst waiting for it to cook. That is probably what I will end up doing when Corey starts school.

Don't you think it is so handy that everything is frozen so lasts longer yet with all the goodness of fresh stuff. I just much rather frozen as then I don't have to worry as much of using it before it goes off or anything. Plus the possibilities of various meals, with mixing and matching etc is just endless. If you go to their site here, you can see their ranges which include - Fish, Chicken, Vegetables, Bakery, Rice, Meals, Potatoes, Red Meat, Inspirations and Desserts. How yummy do they all sound? :) Plus check their recipe page out here for lots of fantastic ideas!

What would be your ultimate must-have after school dinner? :) Would love some more ideas!

This post is an entry for #AfterSchoolChefs Linky Challenge (view here) sponsored by Birds Eye. Learn more on Birds Eye Facebook Page (view here).

Love, Gemma xo

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  1. Mmm we love Mashtags in our house too! And waffles, oh fish fingers too...actually we are quite big Birdseye fans as well :) Corey look like he enjoyed his dinner :)



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