Saturday, 20 September 2014

Lindeman's Wine Sunshine Hamper*


Back in June, I attended Brit Mums Live which is an event/conference for parenting bloggers, you can read about my experience here. But I was lucky enough to meet a lovely team by Lindeman's wine who hosted a tasting session and provided a bottle each for the goody bags. Now I have been talking too since, and received a lovely Sunshine Hamper which of course I said yes too as who doesn't love a bit of picnic, sunshine and wine :)

I was totally blown away by the amazing goodies inside, here is a look:

lindemans wine
lindemans wine
lindemans wine
lindemans wine
lindemans wine
lindemans wine

Included: 3 bottles of wine, hamper basket, picnic blanket, wine glasses and stick things!

What do you think of my picture skills here? I was testing out my new camera which I haven't had a chance to show on the blog much yet!

The wine was gone very quickly, obviously and super yummy :) Each can be brought from places like Asda for roughly around £7 a bottle. I really love the cool idea of those stick things, you can stick them into the ground and they make your wine glass sturdier as holds it up off the ground - such a cool invention. The glasses are proper crystal according to the box, I somehow feel as if I shouldn't use them encase I break them!

Let's take a look at the history behind Lindeman's:

- Founded by Henry Lindeman
- Born 1811 in Surrey, England
- Found winemaking whilst travelling Europe in 1830's
- Henry and his wife moved to Australia in 1840
- 1843 he planted his first vines in his property
- They had 10 children!!
- By 1862, the wine was shared around the world :)

It really is an interesting read in full on their website here!

What is your favourite type of wine? :) White or Rosé for me, Red if mixed with lemonade. Many people say wine gives them the worst hangovers or get drunk quicker - I seem to be the only one who it doesn't effect much!

You can view their very impressive wine selection here - be sure to try their wines out if you haven't already :)

Love, Gemma xo


  1. The photos are brilliant! You've learnt how to use that camera quickly!!! Xx

  2. What a lovely looking hamper! I only drink wine on special occasions, it goes straight to my head! x



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