Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Skincare Saviours


I recently posted about Body Shop Tea Tree Range (view here) which is so totally amazing for those who suffer with acne and/or oily skin like myself. Today I thought I would share some other skincare recommendations that I have found fairly amazing :)


I was actually prescribed this from a Dermatologist at the Hospital when receiving acne medicine called 'Roaccutane'. The specific one I have is meant for dry skin (what the tablets did) and is natural etc. But to my surprise it is very moisturising BUT it is also mattifing - it is brilliant for oily skin sufferers like myself! A real must have :) No moisturiser has worked this good. Great for under make-up and only a tiny amount is needed as quite thick but doesn't feel it once applied to skin. Because using only a tiny amount it lasts soo long. Plus a reasonable price at around roughly £5 in Boots.


So somewhere in the blogisphere on Twitter, a long time ago now I saw someone mention that Sudocrem is great for acne. Oh I so didn't believe them but thought I would try any ways and I was shocked! I am not sure why it works, but it does and really well. It seems to dry them out which gets rid of them. I wouldn't say it is for an all over face kind of thing, but if you want quick results on the odd spot then this is by far the best I have found. I dot on the cream to targeted areas (do not rub in) and just leave over night or if I am having a lazy day. Not very attractive but it can work over night, literally but usually 2 or 3 nights and they are gone :)

Benefit It's Potent Eye Cream

I received a sample in a beauty box once and with using twice daily. I really noticed a difference, a big difference. It really lightened my whole under eye area, got rid of dark circles and blue vein line bits. I can't tell you much about wrinkles as I don't have any (yet!). It is quite a thick cream so you do not need much at all but still sits nicely under make-up. My sample like shown in the picture has lasted me a little over 3 months. This is soo good and honestly because it lasted so long, it is well worth buying the big size they offer but I am still reluctant as it is so expensive at £23.50!!! (money I just don't have at the moment but if you do, treat yourself now and you won't regret it)

acne skincare saviours

There you have it, a few of the other little tricks I use :) Do you have any other useful tips or tricks that you could share?! Especially for acne/oily skin.

Love, Gemma xo


  1. I love tea tree find it great for my skin. Really interested in trying the Aveeno range now. :)

  2. Clean and Clear dual action moisturiser is great at trying to clear my spots and acne up




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