Friday, 26 September 2014

Top 10 Facebook Businesses


I have found so many amazing Facebook companies who are truly wonderful ladies and have created many beautiful products. I wish I could spend all my money on them, if only money grew on trees. I have decided to share these today because everyone should know about them and give each of their pages a like. It's great to help businesses like these out as word of mouth will help them grow too. Plus who doesn't love a handmade personalised product? I am obsessed! :) In no particular order here are my top 10 Facebook Businesses:

Little Sugar Plums

top 10 facebook businesses

As you can see these are brilliantly designed dolls, I already own 3 but now I still want more! This reindeer print is so cute, and who doesn't love an Elsa? This page holds monthly market nights too so you can always get a chance to get your hands on one! They are just so adorable :)

The Banner Boutique

top 10 facebook businesses

I have been on the waiting list since last year, my time has now come and I will have a Christmas banner in time for this year - super exciting :) They are just so cute and I really want a London themed one, or a really cute girl one for myself!

The Wooden Ladybird Company

top 10 facebook businesses

Again, if you haven't guessed - I am obsessed. Over the past 2 years I have equated quite a fair bit from this lovely company. I shall probably dedicated a whole post of its own at some point but most is in the attic ready for Christmas - my favourite time of year!

Love Keep Create

top 10 facebook businesses

I am beyond in love with the idea of these, making keepsakes out of old baby clothes. I want, need, must have one of these but I haven't been able to dig out Corey's old clothes yet. But how sweet would it be to have some of his premature baby clothes made into a little bear or something :) I adore keepsakes, so this really is one I will get one day!

The Crafty Giraffe

top 10 facebook businesses

Only recently have I came across these very unique wooden designs, but I will not rest until I have one of these Santa treat boards. They are just adorable and so much pretty delicate art work.

Just For Tiny People

top 10 facebook businesses

I would be very shocked if you said you haven't heard of this company before, they are massive and even recently made it onto Dragons Den for their hugely growing company. They offer amazing teepee's, hidey holes (bottom left), animal houses, and soo much more. They are doing surprise Christmas gift box, which I wanted so badly (for Corey obviously!) but I didn't manage to get one in time. Mum came to rescue when she said she had ordered one!!!

Tilly B

top 10 facebook businesses

Just look at how adorable everything is? I don't even know what else to say about them to be honest. I see the animals and instantly think "awww". Those halloween bits are at top of my list too and cute penguin families (not pictured) - must haves!!

House Of Jacks

top 10 facebook businesses

You may have guessed I love all things personalised, but this company creates prints, cases etc - whatever you want. I love the idea of personalised cartoon bits too. I so want to buy but haven't thought of the perfect personalisation just yet.

Loving Dot

top 10 facebook businesses

How cute? Loving Dot creates the cutest little things and even designs blog headers - check out The Mummy Diary by clicking here :)

Magic Beanz Bespoke Jewellery

top 10 facebook businesses

I was drawn to this company but the starts and moon, it reminds me of the saying "to the moon and back" which is one of my favourite. I so want one for my key ring :) Look at all the lovely little designs they can put on whatever you wish really.

Another great place to search on Facebook is 'Showcase Handmade UK' (or click here) as exactly what it says by showcasing handmade items, it is like Pinterest heaven for Facebook! 

So what do you think of all these lovely Facebook businesses? :) Do you have any more you can recommend to me?

Love, Gemma xo


  1. Great list, with Christmas fast approaching (how?!) I shall definitely check them out. I always think it's nicer to give people more personalised gifts rather than things from the highstreet that a million other people have! It's good to support small businesses too. :) #mummymonday

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  2. I am familiar with some of these, but there are new ones for me to look at. Thanks for sharing, won't help my bank balance though! :) #MummyMonday x

  3. Love some of these too! Especially Just For Tiny People! And what a great name! Cute!!!!! #MummyMonday



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