Thursday, 4 September 2014

What To Do When Feeling Blue?


Even if we don't like to admit it at times, we all have some down days whether its stress from work or children, maybe both, time of the month and many more reasons. We can't help it. It's just one of those annoying things. I thought I would share some of the bits that I like to do to get me out of my bad moods when I am feeling a little blue.

how to cheer someone up

Pamper Yourself

Whether it be a long relaxing hot bath with yummy Lush bath bombs, a mud mask, nail painting etc. The list is endless :) Even if you go to a salon and have it done, a massage would be nice ey? Even an early night can do the world of good.


I am a very emotional personal, I cry at most things stupid even adverts or things that have nothing to do with me. But sometimes you just need a good old cry so I will pick a film (usually Pretty Women, Legally Blonde or something like that) and just let the tears come whilst munching on the takeaway and chocolate haha! 

OR if you know you're going to have a fair bit of spare time, watch your favourite TV series, I recently watched Prison Break - amazing :):)

Treat Yourself

As an ex shopping addict this is something I always end up doing when I need a little pick me up, we all do it. Usually a MAC lipstick for the most of us hey? I treat myself a fair bit at times, although been on a spending ban since July now! If I do, then its usually make-up, chocolate, takeaways but mainly I like to treat Corey. If he smiles because of a new toy or something, then it makes me smile :)

Girls Night In/Out

I don't really have many friends in my town or much money so nights in or out are very limited but back a couple of years ago, this would always help when I was like 15-18. I don't drink very often either, maybe like 5 times a year but what I would do for a bottle of Malibu, some Sambuca shots or a WooWoo right now!! What is your ultimate favourite alcoholic drink if you had to choose?

Have A Rant

I never used to be a talker and sometimes I am still not, I prefer to bottle it all up (as unhealthy as that is) but if I trust someone and they are willing to listen, then blimey do I let loose these days! So thankful for all my lovely blogging friends who have put up with me this week and been there for me :) Having a rant has helped so much beyond belief. If you are like me and don't like to talk, I still strongly advise you have a rant. Sometimes I write it down, just a way to let out all that anger, sadness and frustration.


Okay so I admit this isn't one of my favourites any more but there is something almost therapeutic about exercising, for me especially at the gym. Once upon a time when I was a member, I used to love the gym for some time to think whilst working on a body I wouldn't be ashamed of. Swimming in a private gym pool when no one else is around, just pure bliss! Don't forget the Sauna, for a detox and help sweat out all the baddies in your skin. I can't go for runs, it would kill me but I do love walking even if I don't do it at all now!


As a mummy I of course spend most of my time with Corey, besides when he is visiting his dads so this is when I need to take advantage to have a little wind down and relax. It's hard because there is no time in the day when little ones are running around wild. Likewise if you are at work all day long, if you do both then I salute you. I did for a year and boy did I struggle! 

Nothing Beats A Smile

I said above in the 'Treat Yourself' section if I see Corey smile then it is enough to make my day, but he is a soppy little bubba and will always tell me how much he loves me. If he knows I am sad, even crying because of the soaps then he will give a kiss and a cuddle. He always says "you're my best friend" and "I love you mummy", even as soon as I spray perfume I get a "you smell nice mummy". Whether he says all of this because he knows it will make me smile - I don't care as it is too cute! :) He is a cheeky monkey though!

how to cheer someone up


There you go, a little into what I like to do when I need some cheering up, maybe you have a friend who is feeling upset so go round and do this with them - it will make their day! What is it you like to do the most? :)

Love, Gemma xo


  1. I totally agree with all of these! Love that nail polish too x

  2. I absolutely love legally blonde, and sometimes when I feel lie my life is going nowhere I just think if Elle Wood's can make it, so can I (what do you mean, it isn't real...)

    S xo.

  3. I love watching funny films when I'm sad, they always cheer me up! x



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