Friday, 17 October 2014

Finding "The One"


Something a little bit different today, and frankly expect it to be a long one from some actual facts to me rambling on but guarantee at some point you have experienced some of this and will relate.
finding the one
If you are a friend or regular reader then you will know a couple of months back I was involved in a break-up and was heartbroken. But you see the thing is, it was a couple of months ago now. I spent ages being upset but I had to put a smile on my face every day and act as if nothing was wrong, for Corey's sake. One day them smiles weren't fake any more, I just had to get on with it.

Any ways a few weeks ago, my friend made me sign up to a dating app. I wasn't overly impressed or keen on the idea. I didn't expect anything from it, I just had a little nosey at some of the local guys and cringed when people I went to school with were on it - like hot ones who do not need a dating site. As a stay at home mum, I don't get much time to go out and socialise or meet new people so dating site was the only way. One day a couple of weeks ago, a  nice guy said hi. Frankly, we haven't stopped talking since whether it be on the phone or texting - all day every day. Before I knew it, a date has been arranged. To be honest, he is pretty awesome.

The other night, I actually felt guilty for being happy about this though. Which is silly isn't it? Why don't I deserve to be happy. Whether this thing is short term or long term. Who knows at this point but lets just go with the flow and see.

I saw an amazing article which is 45 life facts written by a 90 year old lady, and I actually came across it whilst writing this so it was perfect timing. A must read which you can view here. This is a few of my favourite quotes that stood out to me:

"Make peace with your past so it won't screw up the present"
"Life is too short for long pity parties"
"Time heals almost everything. Give time time"

This old lady is so right, the one thing I need to do - is let go of my past. I never do! I am going to have major trust issues and think everything is a lie because that is what my past relationship came too. But why should I let that stop me from what could happen in the future? Not every guy is the same, and one day I may find "the one". Do I really want to screw my chances up of that because another guy played with my heart? I believe everyone deserves a second chance, including hearts.

Now I was always so set on how my life would turn out when I was younger. I wanted to go to college, fall in love, get married and have children by the time I was well 21. Life didn't exactly go how I planned, but I do have the most amazing kid obviously - which I wouldn't change for the world!

On Facebook. I asked fellow bloggers how old they were when they met "the one" specifically for this post. I thought maybe no one finds true love at this age, remember I am 21. Do we or don't we? Here is some statistics from fellow bloggers:

(out of 56 people - all various ages)

They ages they found their one:

17 & under .. 15
18 - 20 .. 18
21 - 25 .. 6
26 - 30 .. 11
30 + .. 6

Something my friend, a fellow blogger Paige from Paige's Preferences said really put everything into perspective for me and she is right so I just had to share:

"I think you just know, you get that feeling. After a wreck of relationships of thinking you love someone when you meet that one person everything just falls into place"

I agree with Paige so much on this. I've decided to finally go with the flow of things and whether I like it or not I am going to have to let go of all the hurt, and just be happy. Everyone deserves to be happy - even me. Every guy I always thought would be the one, wasn't and then I found someone else. So maybe someone else will come along again. If it is meant to be then it will be.

When I was younger, I imagined love to be falling in love at a young age, getting married and staying like that until death do us part. Why is it that it seems the older generations, they could do it? If you look at your grandparents, I guarantee they are still together. I read once that an old couple said how they didn't throw something away when it was broken, they fixed it. Are their morals better than our generations? Don't get me wrong, if someone cheated then I would kick them to the curb but life has issues so instead of running from them. We should be working on them, to fix it and come out stronger! A couple who fight together, love together and so on - hand in hand all the way.

So I don't actually know why I wrote this post at all to be honest, it sounds like a random mix of random rubbish. Sometimes you don't ever find "the one" do you? When you have children, they are all you need. So I am not saying I will find "the one" maybe I won't or maybe I will. But I won't ever be alone or unhappy when I have Corey :)

Who knows what the future will hold for any of us, but we can only hope for the best and see what happens. I will leave it at that for today, bit of food for thought I guess. Here is another life fact from the 90 year old lady which we should always remember:

"The best is yet to come"

Love, Gemma xo


  1. This was so lovely to read, I'm glad you're feeling happier. Good luck with your date :) xx

  2. So glad you're feeling happier and moving on! The 'one' is out there and he'll appear right in front of you before you know it x

  3. So glad you are finally on the mend :) good luck with your date and make sure you keep us all up to date xx

  4. ps i hope your date went/goes well!! :)



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