Monday, 6 October 2014

Money Saving Tips


Every now and then we all need to save some money, me especially. This year has been all about saving money and cutting down monthly costs etc. I haven't actually been able to save money but my monthly costs have gone down :)

money saving tips

Here is a few of my money saving tips:

Food Shopping 

The maximum there has ever been in my household was 2 adults and 1 child, if I were doing my weekly shop at Tesco I were spending at least £80 a week, we were absolutely terrible at it. In January I decided that I needed to give Aldi a try. I admit I was a bit snobbish at first and thought the worst. But the food is really nice, the fresh food lasts so much longer and I have ended up saving well over £150 a month. You must give them a try if you haven't already :) Or try a different store that is closer and also a cheaper alternative. I hear Lidl is good!

Spending Bans

Words none of us want to hear, trust me I know. I have a bit of an addiction. In July after my birthday haul (which you can view here) but when I totalled it, I realised how much I was spending - alot! Throughout August I done really well and didn't buy anything :) super proud! I decided to carry it on though, purely because I don't have any money too spend. So kind of have too, not really by choice. But although I would love a little treat, I am sticking to essentials that I need. It feels good because I am not worried about money as much and that is a good feeling.

Bargain Sites

There are a few places were you can find some bargains, they don't always have everything you want but they have some amazing deals for limited times etc. Especially there weekends away/spa breaks (hint hint!). I love having a read of the emails I receive with their bargains :) Here a list of a few:

- Wowcher
- Groupon
- Amazon Local
- Zulily
- My Voucher Codes
- Quidco (cashback)
- Top Cashback


It doesn't have to be much to save, obviously the more you can the better. But £5 a month? You can do it. It will all add up eventually. You aren't going to miss £5 a month. Or even a £5 a week. What my nan used to do, was have a few little bowls in her cupboards, for different pennies. Like 5p, 20p, £1 and £2, adding to it each time and it really did add up. I don't know how she done it but she did :) A good way to clear our your purse of all change that we all hate!

So there you have it, a few tips for some money saving. With Christmas just around the corner, yeah I said it - it is perfect timing :) Do you have any more tips that may be useful? Would love to know!

Love, Gemma xo


  1. I love Aldi too. It can be hit & miss & there's certain things I still have to go to the main stream shops for the brands but it's made such a difference what we can get in comparison x

  2. I find a great way to save is to have a money box you can only open with a tin opener! I put all my coins (5p upwards) in there at the end of the day/week and open it when its full. It's amazing how much you save without realising! The reason I don't put 1ps and 2ps in there is because these go into another money box I can open easily and when they reach £1 I put them in my bank xx

  3. I swapped from Dunnes to Aldi recently, huge savings.

  4. Great tips. I started internet food shopping to try and better budget the money we were spending on food but I still spend far too much. I'm not sure we have an Aldi near us. :(

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  5. I was also a bit of a snob when it came to Aldi, now we don't shop anywhere else and still amazed at how much we're saving!
    Lianne | TheBrunetteSays...

  6. Hey lovely :-) I discovered Aldi for the first time last year. Bought a bottle of white wine and it had stuff floating in it (screw top, not cork!) I tweeted, to no avail. Anyway I left it a good while but have started back there again now - just steering clear of the wine!

  7. I love Lidel and Aldi! All supermarkets have something cheaper so I usually look around everywhere until I find the cheapest. Use Hot UK Deals, theres always someone there posting about a supermarket bargain.
    I also usefully use a self service machine and dump all of the 1ps and 2ps into the coin slot. I don't know why, but I feels like I'm getting the item for free.



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