Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot Gift Set Review


I have a really exciting gift set to show today, Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot. Which for the first time ever is a blush set, not with just one but 5 blush, 1 bronzer and 1 highlighter. Keep reading to find out more :)

I first came across this set because of Gemma from Miss Makeup Magpie, you can see her post on it by clicking here.

Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot Gift Set Review
Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot Gift Set Review

Okay so I am not usually a fan of Benefit, I hold my hands up and admit that - please do not shoot. I was not keen on the cult product They're Real Mascara but I do however love Bad Gal Lash Mascara which I use on a daily basis. I also love It's Potent Eye Cream but why are the prices so expensive?!

I had however ALWAYS wanted to try one of their blushes, but at £23.50 for roughly 7g I couldn't justify it. Plus I wouldn't of been able to choose just one. So when this kit came out, it was the perfect way for someone like me to try a few of them all :)

So here is swatches, not the greatest so I do apologise - pictures taken in the sunlight:

Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot Gift Set Review

Left to Right - Hoola, Dandelion, Bella Bamba, Sugar Bomb, Rockateur and Coralista

This retails at £29.50 which I thought was such a good price. It was also a pleasant surprise when it actually came in a metal tin box which I was not expecting. But this gift set is in fact a bargain. You see, remember how I just said that it is £23.50 for 7g well all 6 of these in this gift set are 5g. So not much difference really?!

I don't even know what I can say about this set because clearly everyone knows how good Benefit is and it is too pretty to refuse to buy? Besides being an absolute bargain, they are all so pretty and pigmented. They are buildable though :) It is just everything you want out of blushes but in a set with choice. My favourite is Rockateur, which is actually the UK No.1 selling blush!

So what do you think? Are you going to go pick this up? :)

Love, Gemma xo


  1. I saw this in my local shopping centre the other day and i think its great that you get to sample each blush... I have to agree on you many benefit products are awfully disappointing and I was disappointed in the theyre real mascara and their benetint... It just didn't live up to the hype! Ive never tried their blushers but I wouldn't mind if someone bought me this! Xxxxx

  2. Such an amazing little set! Im a massive Benefit fan, and im in love with their blushes!
    xprincessjas | ♥



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