Sunday, 21 December 2014

Corey's 4th Birthday :)


So as you can probably guess Friday 19th December was Corey's 4th Birthday :) 

Now I could probably ramble on for ages on how fast time is going. I can't actually quite come to terms with fact that I am now a mummy to a 4 year old. I'm so proud of my little munchkin, he is my best friend. Over the last few months, he has really grown into a proper little lad with his cheeky personality shining through. 

On Thursday he had his last day of pre-school ready for him to go onto a 4+ class at Primary School. It was emotional, cuddling all his friends goodbye. He has been at his nursery for over 3 years so all the staff love him. But he got breakfast with Santa and had a birthday party with yummy cake. Even joined in in the nativity as a cute little sheep. Here Corey is trying on his big boy uniform for January:

Now as for his birthday, we spent the day at my mums with close family, having a yummy meal and opening presents. Here are some pictures of the day:

And now for the presents..

It was very much a Ninja Turtle themed birthday as you can see (he has marvel theme for Christmas). He loves it all, can't wait for him to play around. The two best toys I think though were a Ninja Turtle Race Track & an amazing remote control flippy flashing car (above) from Hamley's from my Uncle. Literally you HAVE to check it out by clicking here. Its too amazing not too! It moves whilst on the side like that too.

In the evening of his birthday he went off to his dad's for a second party of the day - lucky boy!

Then yesterday we headed to Milton Keynes Theatre. As a child I used to go every year to their Christmas pantomime and would watch a funny actor Bradley Walsh. After 7 years he was back and Corey being a good age to sit through, I just had to go. Can you guess what we went to see:

Yes, thats right - Peter Pan!!

Bradley Walsh was hilarious as always. But the also had a dance group called Flawless, who were on Britain's Got Talent a few years ago, they were amazing pirates - very hot! It was such a good pantomime, I would certainly go see it again. Corey absolutely loved it and it was so sweet to watch him be happy dancing and singing along! Here he was waiting to go in with a lighty up thing:

With Corey's birthday so close to Christmas I have never really bothered with a party with friends. Maybe next year as he will have his reception class. But the cost, is it worth it? What is your thoughts on this? :)

Love, Gemma xo

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  1. Awh Gemma, Corey is such a handsome little guy. Happy belated Birthday to him! He looks like such a cheeky chappy, what a great and fun little personality to have, it just shines through your pictures of him :) He has great taste too, I loved TMNT as a child :) x

    Fiona @



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