Thursday, 8 January 2015

First Day Of School!!


Yesterday, we hit a very big life milestone. My Corey, started 'big boy school' in a class which is between pre-school and reception. But very play based learning like pre-school but more structured and able to teach more like a reception. Corey is ready to be taught so this is a great place for him to start. I explained all about it in another post, click here to check that out and find more information about it.

So here is my handsome little bubsy in his school uniform, how freaking adorable?! It was so cute. Nothing beats that moment of putting on his uniform for the first time, it was just one of those memorable times. Now here he is coat, bag and umbrella - all ready to go..

And a closer look at some of his bits. You will be surprised to know that actually everything came from Tesco Clothing School Uniform Shop and did not cost much at all really. Such a bargain and really good quality. Highly recommend!

Of course it wouldn't be a first day without a picture with mummy, I admit I couldn't get a great one but here we go:

So off we went and met his dad who joined us for first day drop off. I managed to not cry, I don't know how but I knew I had to hold it in to make it better for Corey. It went well, he had a cuddle before I left and just got on with it really.

Before we left, he mentioned about wanting to stay home with me so I instantly thought here we go, its started. But it was fine, Corey has been going to nursery since he was 9 months old. But it was never full time. Maybe an issue will arise there in a week or two and realises Who knows! He will get used to it either way :) Hopefully I will too..

When I went to pick him up, he was happy to see his mummy of course. I had a big cuddle and the teacher told me how excellent Corey had been. He was very proud to show me he had been given a 'super star' sticker for tidying up. I was so glad to have him back for the evening though. He told me all about and seemed to have really enjoyed himself which is a big relief :)

This morning it was our second school run, in the absolute pouring rain, which was a pain in the bum. But I guess you don't have a choice when they are in school every day really.

It is a strange concept because I am having to wake up before 7 to get ready, home by 9.15. To be honest, not going to lie but I was very lucky and we didn't used to get out of bed until 10 every day so the change is something I need to get used too. But will certainly do me some good!

As Corey is my only child and now at that school age, my original plan was to go back into work. However, I am now officially a self-employed blogger which means working from home. Its great because I can earn money doing something I love, it also means I am there for schools runs and get that extra evening time which I wouldn't of got in an office or something. It has worked out well! But what do I do all day? I can't blog all day - I do not have enough to say.

How did you cope with spending your days alone once children were in school?

Love, Gemma xo


  1. Aww what a grown up boy! In going to cry like a baby on Indianas first day at school, they are far too grown up then haha xx

  2. Gorgeous photos of him in his little uniform. xx

  3. What a cutie! Well done Corey for being so brave and well done Mummy for not weeping! I have to admit I weeped uncontrollably when mine started school xx

  4. He looks so cute! love the umbrella. xx

  5. Aww bless look how grown up he looks. Such an emotional time. #MummyMonday

  6. He looks so grown up, reading a post like this scares me about how quickly it all comes around! Hope he is still getting on just as well! #MummyMonday

  7. He looks so grown up and smart in his uniform. It is frightening how quickly they grow, isn't it? #MummyMonday

  8. He looks so smart in his uniform and great that it was from Tesco! I must admit I'm not looking forward to Isla going to nursery because of having to get up so early but I think I will like it as will be ready for the day earlier and make the most of the day, at least I've got at least another year of being chilled :) #MummyMonday

  9. my eldest started in september full time at schoo, I still have my youngest at home with me altho he started nursery afternoons yesterday so i now have a few hrs in the afternoon at the moment its very odd im sure ill get used to it tho! great post #mummymonday



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