Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Top 15 Posts Of 2014


I had seen of few of these 'Top 15 Posts Of 2014' around and I have enjoyed reading them so thought I would do one too. It's great to look back over the year to see what was written and see what was accomplished :) Somehow in 2014, I managed to write 181 posts altogether. I don't know how but in no particular order..

1. Pregnancy, Premature Birth & Beyond..

So this one was really really long, I still cry if I sit there and read it. This was written over 3 years after Corey was born, but still remember it as if it were yesterday. Literally went into detail of the pregnancy, birth, hospital stays, coming home and even a death scare. As you can imagine, pretty intense stuff!

2. Life Of A Premature Baby..

Well the last one leads onto this, I did talk about Corey being premature in the above but not a great deal. I decided to go into a lot more detail and show what it is really like to have a premature baby.

3. Pregnancy Losses & False Hope..

Oh such a sensitive topic for a lot of people, nothing is worse than a loss. If you know me well, you will know I am one broody mumma, false hope was an awful feeling. But my time will come when the time is right.

4. Annoying Question/Phrases Children Say..

This is a bit of a funny post, that I had a lot of fun writing. The picture explains it all really!!! If you have or work with children then you will just understand!

5. Butlins Skegness Holiday..

I love nothing more than reading about Holiday's, although it may contain my now ex - awkward. But it was a good holiday and I just love Butlins. I can't wait to write about more Holiday's in the future. Including Corey's first holiday abroad in a couple of months :) Excited is an understatement!!!!

6. Brit Mums Live..

It was my first blogging event, where I made some amazing friends and learnt some blogging bits. It was a great 2 day event and I can not wait to go again this year if I can :) I wonder if this beautiful outside area will still be there?!

7. Naming Day/Christening Ideas..

I didn't have a traditional Christening, I had a Naming Day - a little out of the ordinary but is now very common for those non religious like myself. It was such a great day and I shared some ideas and a bit about the day.

8. LegoLand

Honestly, one of the most amazing day trips out I have ever had with Corey. I didn't even feel very well and it was so beyond hot but really was so magical. You can see by the pictures on just how beautiful it was. Next time I'm staying in the Lego Hotel too!

9. Ideal Home Show, Earls Court..

I have always loved things like this and I am a massive fan of all things homeware. I was pretty much in heaven, that actually cost of fortune if I wanted to buy anything. I certainly would go again!

10. Massive Beauty Haul..

I may have gone a little crazy with the make-up buying on my 21st. Like insane amounts were spent - worth every penny though :) **Warning - Picture Heavy Post**

11. Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation Review

I think I have found my holy-grail foundation, everything in the review explains why but if you know your make-up then I am sure you already know about this one!

12. Photoshoot

I think it is great to have good quality photos that can be treasured. I've had 3 with Corey since he was a baby, and they all mean so much to me! This one, his personality really shined through which was lovely!

13. Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot (Blush Palette) Review

It is the ultimate blush heaven, for the first time ever Benefit brought out a gift set containing 6 of their iconic blushes. It's so pretty and although you expect it to cost a fortune, it actually didn't!

14. Corey's 4th Birthday..

Just a few days before Christmas, is Corey's birthday. I got some lovely snaps of the day and it was very much a TMNT present theme and look at that chocolate foundation - yummy!

15. Christmas..

No need to even explain my love for Christmas, favourite time of year!

This was meant to start out as Top 10 but I got carried away a little bit - whoopsie :) so 15 it is - be sure to check some of them out if they take your fancy! What was your favourite post of the year to write?

Love, Gemma xo


  1. Ive read lots of your posts over 2014, well done on a successful year lovely!! happy new year to you & Corey!!

  2. Awww such lovely posts - I enjoyed reading all of these :) x



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