Monday, 23 February 2015

Half Term Shenanigans #1


In January you may have read that Corey started school, so that means half terms have started. This was our first and I was excited. It was a big change from spending most days with him to not. I am still adjusting which makes these school holidays even more precious to spend as much time with him as possible. So a new tradition on the blog, after each half term I will do a run down of what we have done for the week -

How cute are these tops?! :) He loved wearing them as much as I loved seeing them on him :)

Valentines Day

Corey and I spent Valentines Day like any other weekend, with my family just playing and having dinner. Then we went home and had some cuddles before he went off to bed. It's really sweet that if you ask him what Valentines Day means then he goes "I Love You" :) Corey got me a couple of little presents - a Pandora ring and a heart shaped pillow. All week he asked if I liked my presents, he is such a sweetie, it really melts my heart. 

Soft Play Disaster

We braved soft play for the first time in half term. To be fair he hasn't been in over a year with me anyways. I always want to avoid half terms as I know how busy they get but now he is in school not really much choice. It was such a disaster, manic children running and screaming. Big kids play fighting and getting a bit out of hand. 

I was buying drinks for everyone at the time, saw Corey in the distance walking off with my good friend and her son assuming they were going to the toilet so thought nothing of it. Looking up at the soft play, I saw big kids fighting like actually fighting. No parents to be seen. It soon ended and kids walked off. Then I see Corey coming back with my friend, crying his eyes out holding a wet tissue to his face. He was trying to get past the fights and accidentally got hit in the ruckus. A kick right to the face. 

I was absolutely mortified, I got teary eyed and still no parents could be seen for these kids. Corey didn't want to play anymore, understandably. His friend went on to play, but half hour later he came back as too many big kids playing rough. We soon left. I honestly never thought it would be so bad in half terms and safe to say never again!!

Pancake Day

We were so looking forward to Pancake Day, nothing I love more than pancakes. But I don't really eat them all year round. I wait until the day and pig out - it's a must! I can't even remember if Corey had any last year but he wanted them this year. Even more so after our soft play disaster earlier on in the day. We invited ourselves round to my mums, she gave first choice to Corey. He tried one bite and didn't want anymore. After all the times we begged mum for pancakes and he didn't even eat them. I found it funny! I am plain and boring with my pancakes, I cover them in sugar and that is it. Next year I have to be more inventive, certainly want to try with banana and ice-cream!

Norovirus Bugs

I admit I spent most of the week ill with the silly bug that went around, I know so many have been ill with it - it is one nasty bug. Corey is always so good when I am ill, he behaves himself and he was excited to spend a couple of days watching movies in bed. We watched all sorted from Tangled, Frozen, Ninja Turtles and more. 

He spent one day with my grandparents whilst I got better too. They went to the park on his bike. I was so gutted to miss this and not be able to snap some pictures! He loves his police bike with the sirens. But with the weather starting to get nicer, more chances will arise.

Play Date

I admit that my 4 year old boy has a girlfriend, it is his godmother's niece. She is such a sweetie and they are so incredibly cute together. Now they are both in different schools, half term is really the only time they get to spend proper time together. We watched a movie whilst they had a little picnic in my living room, played some games before heading out to the park. It was such a fun day, they are so cute together. They hold hands whilst walking along, cuddle up whilst watching movies and everything. She sometimes sneaks him a little kiss on the cheek too. They always hug goodbye too!


So there we have it, our half term wasn't as exciting as I had planned due to being poorly but we enjoyed it non the less. I am already planning the next as it is only 5 weeks away till 2 weeks off for Easter!!! :) 

Would love to hear about what you get up to in the school holidays with your children? :)

Love, Gemma xo

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  1. love his little tops , so cute! oh my gosh thats an awful thing to happen at soft play poor corey. Some parents just seem to dump there kids in softplay and dont keep an eye on them xx #mummymonday

  2. How awful for him, that looks nasty. I'm so glad we've never had an experience like that. Athough I do think a lot of time soft play is somewhere to dump the kids whilst they have a chat. Hope he's better soon x #mummymonday

  3. I try to avoid soft play, there is no adult supervision so personally I think it is unsafe. We had pancake day with only hubby and my eldest eating them. Me and M don't like them. Roll on the Easter hols! #mummymonday

  4. Aww I think it is so lovely to record these half term memories :) gosh I can't believe that bruise on his face it must of hurt, poor thing :( At soft play I walk round with Isla, I'm not worried at all that she would hurt anyone else and I trust her, but its the other children I worry about so like to be close by especially while she is this young. It seems that the rough children you always find the mums not keeping an eye out and just having a gossip, which is ok but if I knew Isla could be spiteful id be keeping a close eye on her. #mummymonday

  5. Oh bless him, I hope his bruise is all recovered now! What a gorgeous ring, I just love Pandora things, I have a charm bracelet. I love those tops too - they're all so cute! What a busy half term :) #MummyMonday



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