Wednesday, 18 March 2015

BiB Awards 2015 - Nominations :)


So it is that time of year again for the BiB awards. Going to tell you about how it works, what categories I would like to be nominated in if any of you lovely readers feel I am worthy of them - then your vote would mean absolutely everything :) 

Seems strange as last year I wrote this post and I had been blogging for 6 months now a year later and it is suddenly 18 months! 

How it works: 

Nominations - So everyone can nominate  a blog for each of the 12 categories. Nominations are open from now until 12th April at midnight.

Shortlist - 10 people from each category will be shortlisted, 5 chosen by most votes from community and 5 chosen by judges. Shortlist annonced 28th April. 

Voting - For those that are shortlisted, vosting begins for them by the community from 28th April to May 15th.

Finalists - There will be 5 finalists from each category, 3 chosen by community and 2 by judges. These will be announced on 22nd May. 

Winners - Will be announced at the brilliant Brit Mums Live event on the Friday evening for the special BiB awards ceremony.


*Highlighted are the categories I think are most suitable for my blog*

- Fresh Voice (newbies)
- Food 
- Inspire
Social Media 
- Writer
- Photo
- Video
- Travel
- Style
- Crafts
- Outstanding (overall great design, content, social media etc!)

I guess it is hard to choose a category as I don't have just one specific topic!

No matter what happens I am really looking forward to Brit Mums Live in June and attending the BiB award ceremony. It was a great night last year and will be just as good this year :) It is so important to celebrate the success of us bloggers!

Love, Gemma xo

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