Monday, 16 March 2015

Mother's Day 2015 ❤


I am hoping all those who celebrated had a lovely Mother's Day yesterday, hope you relaxed and were treated to something special whether it be a lay in, bubble bath, presents or anything :)

Although I have a 4 year old, this was actually my 5th Mother's Day :) Corey shows me all year round how much he loves me and I have been noticing it more and more recently. For some reason I have been complimented a lot lately on the bond that Corey and I have. Which is just the best thing ever and I shed a tear every time it was said. It is so heart warming that people notice something like that! Although he drives me up the wall sometimes (okay alot!), he is always my best friend and my whole entire world :) Everyday he will tells me he loves me, that I am his best friend and we are forever having kisses and cuddles.

I tried to get the perfect smiley picture of us both, but it didn't work out and I ended up with this. I did get some with smiles but looking back through I saw that this picture shows his true personality - a little cheeky monkey. I couldn't be happier with it - it is certainly now one of my favourite pictures of this year so far at least :)

So presents aren't really a huge deal as it is materialistic and the little things matter more. However, let's not pretend that we don't all love receiving them. Due to being a single parent, I am really blessed that my mum makes a massive effort every year for me from Corey. I got a beautiful handbag from Wallis, my favourite Cadbury Milk Tray chocolate box, a cute little mug, some Me To You pyjamas. Last but not least an extremely beautiful Links Of London clover necklace! It had been on my wishlist for a while now because I represent clover as my lucky Corey after almost losing him as a baby, even have a clover tattooed.

Corey painted a teapot with dots all over for me at school and wrote 'From Corey' inside :) It even came with a tea bag - although this is one mummy that doesn't drink tea - so it will go to nanny! 

Now I know it seems strange that I put a picture of his writing skills, but whilst we were celebrating one evening Corey wrote my name and his all by himself with someone sounding the sounds of the letters. So not much help at all. I know it isn't perfect but it is so good considering he hasn't long been 4 and just started out learning to write properly. It has made me the happiest to see him write my name like that! Was an amazing memory for mother's day that I shall treasure :)

 I know it is is technically Mothering Sunday, but I have been lucky enough to have three days of celebrations this year. On Friday, I went to Corey's school for Mother's Day Afternoon Tea with lots of other mums and their children too - it was very sweet and some yummy cakes. Such a lovely thing for them to do - I was really impressed! Usually we would have a family meal on the Sunday itself, however my nan booked herself to go on holiday instead so we done it a day early with everyone. Corey and I took a bike ride to the bike first before dinner and had some quality time although it was a bit chilly! Then on Sunday we had some cuddles in bed all morning watch my favourite Disney movies before heading to my mums for a steak dinner - yummy :)

Of course not forgetting to mention the two most important ladies in mine and Corey's life with is my mum and nan who we depend hugely on. We see or speak to them most days and very thankful to have them apart of our life :) Sometimes it is easy to forget to tell them how thankful you actually are for everything they do!

Usually Mother's Day is the last Sunday of this month but was early this year. If it hadn't of been early then it would have been on my late nanny's anniversary of death. Which is so sad to think about of course and she crosses my mind daily but especially on days like today - I shall remember some of the good times :)

So there we have it a round up of my Mother's Day 2015 :) Here is what I got up too last year and the presents I got then too. Hope you all had an amazing day! What did you get up too?!

Come back later this week to see a new post on all the things I love about being a mummy ❤

Love, Gemma xo

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  1. You sound like you had a lovely few days and it is so great to hear about your amazing relationship with Corey.Pics are fab! #mummymonday x

  2. You had such a lovely couples of days! Great presents for Mothers Day! :) #mummymondays Thanks for hosting!

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. That picture of you both is lovely and Cory does look very cheeky and cute :-) #mummymonday Thanks for hosting :-) xx

  4. What a fabulous picture of you and Corey - that is a framer!!!! #mummymonday xx

  5. Hehe love love that first pic!! #mummymonday

  6. Sounds like you had a lovely few days. It's lovely that Corey lets you know how special you are all year around :) I got a card shaped like a teapot too! Xx

  7. Sounds like a lovely Mothers Day weekend, I love that first picture. #mummymonday

  8. Aww, it sounds like you had a lovely day and what a lot of thoughtful presents. You are right - material things aren't everything but it is such a nice gesture when so much care has gone into choosing them x #MummyMonday

  9. How lovely! What a gorgeous mum you have and are xx

  10. I love the afternoon tea idea at school I think that is so fab. The photo of the two of you is lovely! #MummyMonday xx

  11. It sounds absolutely lovely! I did think about all the single mummies out there yesterday and hoped that they all had someone looking out for them on behalf of the kids to say thank you so I'm glad that your mum was able to do that for you #Mummymonday

  12. Sounds like you had a lovely day! I love the teapot he did for you and the fact he wrote Mummy, that is just so sweet! <3 xx

  13. Oh what a wonderful time you had - very jealous of those lovely gifts! What a super cute pic of you both too - the bond is clear :) Mim @ #mummymonday



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