Thursday, 23 April 2015

50 Things That Make Me Happy :)


So it has been a while since I posted anything, boo! A while ago I came across something that was going round in the blogesphere - 50 Things That Make Me Happy! :) I'm all about positivity and happiness at the moment because life is good, so jumping on the bandwagon and sharing what makes me happy..

Being a mummy :)
  My munchkin Corey 
Kisses and Cuddles
 ❤ Being in love
Corey's cheeky grin :)
Our beautiful home
Summer days
Corey picking Daisy's for me, every time he sees one!
Winter nights
My lovely family
Anything Disney
Fans - for the hot summer days!
Trips to the park
99p ice creams
Day trips out like LegoLand etc
My wonderful friends
Having a productive day
Fresh flowers
Long walks or drives
When I get the chance to make a wish :)
Girly chats
Make Up (lots of it!)
Taking photographs
Fresh bed sheets
Inspirational quotes that inspire me :)
Britain's Got Talent
Adding to my collections 
Pretty Stationary
Home interiors - bit of an accessory hoarder!
Lazy days
Bubble baths - LUSH bath bombs 
Get Away's - UK or Abroad
Pub garden lunch dates
Shopping - in store or online
Music, having a sing and dance around the house!
Christmas, Valentines, Easter etc
Puppies, well dogs in general
My tattoos, they all have meanings
The feeling of knowing I made someone else happy :)

Let me know in the comments one thing that makes you super happy..

There you have it, 50 Things That Make Me Happy :) I have to admit it was hard to think of 50, not because I don't have 50 things but my mind went blank. So apparently this is a blogger's tag, I'm not sure whether this is true or not but if you haven't done it, then do it - spread the happiness and positivity :) 

Love, Gemma xo

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  1. All my babies make me happy!!
    What a great post, I think I'll have to join in and do one too :)

  2. This is such a cute post, I bet it took you ages :D I love chocolate, makeup and long baths <3 xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  3. Love your list! Mine would look very similar! :) x

  4. Summer days, the park, 99's oh we share so much in common ;)

    Love your list, may just do one myself xxx

  5. Great post...I love all these things too! X

  6. A lovely list!! I love a Lush bath bomb bath too! #mummymonday x

  7. aw lovely. have to agree with quite a few of them #mummymonday

  8. A lovely list! I have lots of those on my happy list too. :) xx

  9. Love this list Gemma. Pub garden lunch dates are so up there and it's almost there season!! #MummyMonday xx

  10. Oh I love your 50 things and I agree with them all - especially 99p ice creams ha ha! I might see if I can do this too :) Mim x #mummymonday



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