Monday, 27 April 2015

April 2015 - Monthly Favourites #2


Last month I started a new monthly feature on the blog, where I share a family photo of Corey and I. Plus what we have been loving this month. So check out last month here and keep reading for this months - 

*Mummy Loves*
50 things that make me happy :)
General happy and positive vibes!
Finishing Breaking Bad - it was good
Lots of future blogging ideas
Spring cleaning

*Corey Loves*
Easter - lots of chocolate
School books with actual words to read!!!
New smiley face pyjamas (here)

We actually spent the first part of the month suffering with chicken pox over Easter! A bit of a nightmare and it meant we spent the half term stuck indoors. But lots of cuddles and kisses made it okay :) You can read all about what we got up to here. A big milestone hit this month, Corey luckily got his first choice school to start Reception in September! I wrote a bit about it here. Hope if you were also awaiting for this news that you got the school you wished for :)

So here is the picture I managed to snap of us two this month, we don't get the chance very often but when we do I always love the photo. Corey seems to always bring out his personality rather than giving a smile, so here is my cheeky monkey -

Next month my aim is to really try and get a photo taken on the camera rather than a selfie from my iPhone 5s. Fingers crossed it goes well, as cameras are a bit slower than a phone - I can never really catch him for long enough as he is always on the go. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Another month done with - how fast is 2015 going already?! What was your best bit of this month? :)

Love, Gemma xo

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  1. April has to be the quickest month yet. At least now the pox is done and over with and nothing you'll have to deal with again, poor little corey.

    Great snap :)

  2. Glad Corey's feeling better now! It's a shame he wasn't well over Easter. Lovely photo of the two of you :) xxx

  3. lovely post and great photo. It's nice to look back at see what things you've loved in the month! I still need to finish breaking bad! x

  4. What a lovely way of looking back over the month! I'm going to start trying to get a photo of me and the kiddies too - a great idea!

  5. So happy for you that you got the school you wanted. Love the family captures. #meandmine

  6. Oh I love his cheeky face! And I'm so glad you got the school you wanted - it's really nice just to know where they're going so we can start planning before September arrives at a gallop!

  7. Sorry if I have wrote this twice- What a cheeky face he has, lovely photo. Yay to positive vibes and books with words in ;-) xxx

  8. lovely picture, he looks like a cheeky monkey, Mr C is going through a stick your tongue out phase at the moment whenever i point a camera at him :)

  9. Poor Corey on the stupid chicken pox. At least they're done now. Lovely photo :) #mummymonday

  10. Both of my sons had chicken pox this month too - it was awful but glad it is over and done with now. Lovely pics :) xxx

  11. Lovely picture. So glad Corey is better now. Thank you for linking up x



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