Thursday, 16 April 2015

School - Reception Class, Did Corey Get In?!


You may be aware of a massive milestone happening across the country today, many parents anxiously awaited an email to find out what school our children will be getting into for Reception in September. If you read my blog regularly then you will know that Corey actually started back in January, you can read my posts about it and explaining how here. As well as about his first day here, this was him dressed up:

It is a class for the 4+, more than a pre-school but not quite a reception class. It didn't mean he automatically got a place in the school for September though. I had to apply and wait like every one else. Now I chose schools out of catchment, Corey met none of the requirements at all at any of the choices. I was prepared for the worst, thinking I would have to appeal.

The past month leading up to it has been hell waiting, anxiously with my friends all of us getting impatient hoping for the best. We sat texting this morning saying "have you heard yet?" whilst we frantically kept refreshing our emails. Luckily I heard early just after 10 am!! My heart was racing as I read the email..


So despite all the odds - Corey thankfully got in and will be able to stay with his friends :) I am so relieved honestly feeling lucky. It is such a great school and Corey is doing so well there and made some great little friends. Now another 5 years!!

I thought I would write a little update and share my exciting news as first school is a big milestone in their life. You should see the little dance I done round the house to celebrate when I found out. I can't wait to tell Corey, his friends and the mums of the class, fingers crossed they got in too :) I hope everyone reading this gets what school they had wanted for their little ones :)

Love, Gemma xo

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  1. Exciting news! I'm glad he got in, especially so he can stay with his friends. I had no idea about this whole school choosing until I saw many posts on social media about it. Xx



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