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Kids Don't Come With A Manual - Book Review*


Well there's a first for everything - a book review on my blog. Not only that but my first time reading a 'self help' book!

I admit I was a bit cautious of a self help book, but this one is great for so many reasons. It has a lovely well designed front cover and overall it is easy to read. Well laid out, sectioned into great categories and even has places for you to write notes. It then also has a great appendix for some of the most popular issues that are raised within the book. 

So to give you an idea on what is in the book, here are the titles of the chapters:

- How To Prevent Power Struggles & Other Issues
- How To (Re)Connect With Your Children
- How To Be A Good Role Model To Your Children
- How To Listen So Children Will Want To Talk
- How To Talk So Children Will Want To Listen
- How To Effectively Deal With 'Mis'Behaviour
- How To Develop Your Children's Self-Responsibility & Emotional Resilience  

For me the 'How To Listen So Children Will Want To Talk' isn't relevant as Corey is so open and honest with me - he always feels like he can talk to me no matter what. If he is cheeky and tries to lie, I know straight away. But sometimes if little mr is up to some mischief, he doesn't want to listen so I read the 'How To Talk So Children Will Want To Listen' and the 'How To Effectively Deal With 'Mis'Behaviour' which has given some great insight into some tips for me to use :) I've said before on this blog that Corey and I have a very close mother and son bond that is regularly commented on, he is my best friend and love of my life. But am I a good role model? Well I would like to think so. I read the 'How To Be A Good Role Model To Your Children' and gave me a lot of confidence that I am doing things right - it also touched on having time for yourself which I believe is such a big thing that I agree with 100% :) 

My lovely friend and fellow blogger Vicki from EllieBearBabi had this to say about the book - "I'm passing this book onto my friend who's expecting her first baby next week.. I've never ever lent any of the "parenting" books I've read before to anyone as I've never agreed with everything in it or felt comfortable about some of the suggestions. high five for a parenting book that doesn't make you feel like a crap mum or guilty about your parenting choice"


Check out their website here, where you can find out more information and get some expert advise even an app! :) Check out their facebook and twitter too. Plus lots of great reviews on Amazon - where you can buy a kindle version or paperback!


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  1. Tantrums and how to deal with them.

  2. Tantrums and how to deal with them.



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