Monday, 25 May 2015

May 2015 - Monthly Favourites #3


Another month has gone by seriously?! We are half way through the year but oh what a good year it has been so far :) So let's get into some of this month's favourites.. 

*Mummy Loves*
Went to Channel 4's Comedy Gala at 02 in London
New Makeup
Exciting work opportunities
Getting hair re-coloured (always love the fresh feeling!)
Made my first YouTube Video

*Corey Loves*
School trip to Tesco
School May Fayre
Dressing up as a World War School Boy

Here is this month's favourite picture of Corey and I :) his hair was insanely long here!!!

A really exciting blogging thing this month - I started YouTube - okay well I made one video and we will see if I make anymore. You can read all about it here and watch the video here. It's a house tour :)

It's actually half term this week which is super exciting as means I get to spend lots of time with Corey! Hoping the weather stays nice for us as we have lots planned. Including an opening visit to the very first Nickelodeon store in a couple of days before it opens up to the public - so excited!! :) Will be sure to post about what we get up too.

Look forward to seeing lots of your posts on your monthly favourites and photos for those who join in the linkies that are below - if you don't already know about them go and check them out as they really are great :) .. Now in the comments let me know what was your favourite part of this month?!

Love, Gemma xo

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  1. Very cute photo, he looks so lovely!! I'm deaf going to check out your linky! :-) xx #mummyandme

  2. aw lovely big smiles :) i love getting my hair done too! x

  3. May's definitely been a good month for you, and what a lovely photo of the two of you :) xx

  4. Fab linky lovely! What a beautiful photo of you and Corey! I'm excited to hear about the work opportunity!!

  5. Oh what a lovely picture - and it sounds like you've had a busy and wonderful month!

  6. Lovely photo and good luck with the youtube video!

  7. Well done on starting a YouTube - you're very brave! I hope you've had a lovely time with Corey during half term! xx

  8. I love the new linky and will try and link up each month with my #monthlyfavourites posts! School trip to Tesco does sound rather exciting ;-)

  9. I love the new linky. You have both been very busy this month and had some great adventures #monthlyfavourites

  10. Very cute photo, I will have to go and check out your YouTube soon, we've just got into this over the last couple of weeks #meandmine

  11. Lovely photo and love the new linky! What a cool school trip to Tesco :-) #mummymonday xx

  12. That's such a lovely photo! I'll have to check out the new linky and YouTube account! Mim x #mummymonday

  13. Love your linkys hun. Looking forward to linking up with the new one :) xx



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