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What Does Family Mean To Me? - #MatalansModernFamilies*


Good old Matalan  have working a really amazing campaign called #MatalansModernFamilies :)

Matalan say, "Since we first opened our doors 30 years ago, we've always focused on providing outstanding value and quality for families. We take the time to listen, understand and evolve, to ensure our products are the right fit for modern, happy homes. Our latest campaign, Made for Modern Families, is a celebration of family life today, in all its shapes and sizes."

This is the full version TV ad of their campaign - it is super cute!

 There has been a nationwide poll on what family means to people. Part of what they found out is..

You can read the rest of it here and I really suggest you check it out as it is pretty interesting :)

Matalan  say that the 21st century definition of family has become not so straightforward but not any less meaningful just meaning that our way of families are expanding for various reasons like grandparents being part of the immediate family, friends and even pets being a part of the family and more.


For some reason I have written a lot on this, but keep deleting it because I can't get the words out in a right way to express my love for my family in words. At the end of the day words aren't enough because actions speaker louder than words.

Everyone who knows me personally or is a regular reader of my blog will know that nothing in the world means more to me than my little cutie Corey. If you read my latest 50 Things That Make Me Happy post then you will have seen that Corey is the top of my list with being a mummy - which is without a doubt the best thing that ever happened to me. The best compliment that I am very lucky enough to get quite often is about that bond that Corey and I have.

So I am a young mum living alone with Corey. Immediate family would usually only be family you live with, however, for us it is my whole family which is in fact very small. Consisting of just nine people - myself, Corey, mum, brother, nan, grandad, uncle, two cousins and not forgetting four lovely doggies (yes dogs are part of our family)! Because we are so small, we have always been very close.

I admit that my mum and grandparents are a huge part in helping raise Corey, he doesn't just have me - he has a huge wonderful family support network. He loves us all and sees family as his best friends. I wouldn't have it any other way.

When Corey was younger and I was working full time, we all know nursery fees are ridiculously over priced so half the week he would spend with his grandparents - just like they used to look after me whilst my mum worked. Now he is in school and I am currently learning to drive, my grandparents do the school runs for me so we see them daily. Plus after school once a week we go over for dinner and to spend time with them too. As for my mum and brother, Corey and I facetime them daily to talk and see on every weekend. Some people may see this as way too much, but it works for us, Corey and I love our family and love spending time with them. We are very fortunate to live so close to our family and for that help to be around. I admit I think it would be weird if a day went by and didn't speak to mum, thankfully for this day and age technology we can do just that.

Even holidays that we have been on so far, have been with my mum - recently thanks to my mum and uncle I was able to take Corey abroad for the first time ever. The four of us had an amazing time in Fuerteventura and we are saving for the next adventure already :) You can view our holiday here.

So yes Corey and my family are absolutely everything and more to me, we are very close and that is ways that we work together to help each other as well staying in touch. I don't know what I would do without them :) 

a Matalan modern family photo :)

my modern family photo :)

Now I ask you, what does your family mean to you? :) Let me know in the comments..

Love, Gemma xo

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**This is in assosication with Matalan and Mumsnet Bloggers Network. You can see the other bloggers who joined in here**


  1. Gorgeous post Gemma, your such a fantastic mum, Coreys very lucky to have you and such a wonderful family support network x

  2. Lovely post honey...these days modern families have changed so much. Mums and mums, single parents etc but no matter what...we are all loving families and I'm totally loving matalans campaign. Ur very seems to be very special in deed xx

  3. Such a fab post. I can totally relate. I am so close to my parents so we see them as often as we can and I want my daughter to see them as extended family. We Facetime tonnes as well. It's lovely and I like the idea of these new modern families. x #mummymondays

  4. Brilliant post Gemma. Loving the campaign!! I co-parent and like to think of our family as modern. Hope you're feeling a little better xx


  5. Lovely post, honest and loving! #mummymonday

  6. Gorgeous post Gemma! My family too means the world to me. My mum looks after Zach three days a week to save us from huge childcare costs and the bond they have is incredible. He gets so excited when we get to her house and I just love that three days he spends with someone who loves him like I do and only had his welfare and happiness at heart. Then there's my sister and family who he adores and the other half's side too. Each relationship to him is very special - we are lucky to have all of our family nearby. Thanks for hosting #mummymonday

  7. Lovely post Gemma. I love my family. My family live hours away in Yorkshire and Hubbys aren't close either. So there are FaceTime and Skype calls very often. As there are just the 3 of us, my friends are my family and don't know where i would be without them! :-) #mummymonday xx

  8. What a lovely post. My mum and stepdad are our support network and I know of lots of people who rely on extended family. I think family is so important and it's nice to see that everyone else does too!

  9. What a lovely post. There's nothing more important than family. It really upsets me when I speak to people who don't get on with their family. I think that these people are missing out. As for us, we're in the 20 percent of who include our dog in our family. I can't imagine being without her :) #mummymonday

  10. Lovely post Gemma, family is so important. Even though most of my family live close by, I hardly see most of them as I'm the one who always makes the effort to go round, or text or phone call - they otherwise don't really bother unless they wan't something which is a shame. However, my in-laws are second to none, they are absolutely incredible and can barely go a day without speaking to us. You are a fantastic mummy and thank god for grandparents! #mummymonday x

  11. This is really great. What a fantastic relationship you all have. I'm not as close with my family, in location either, so it's just me, my husband, our two children and our friends mainly. Don't know what I'd do without my friends :)



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