Saturday, 13 June 2015

Haul: Summer/Travel Essentials & More


It feels like it has been a little while since I have written a post to be honest but I've been busy, busy shopping! I've finally brought enough stuff in one go to actually do a haul. From now till the end of July, I have 3 trips way - Brit Mums Live Blogging Conference, Center Parcs with the girls and family trip to Wales. Which means I have been buying some travel/summer essentials plus re-purchased some of my every day skincare beauties. All of these where picked up from Body Shop and Boots..

Boots Travel Size Toiletries

Lets start with these little bits, kind of the boring stuff of my hayl. But is it just me that finds travel size super cute?! They make me want to say 'aww' haha. Plus extra bonus they are 3 for 2 in Boots. I wanted to buy Aussie shampoo and conditioner but it was out of stock. So I came across this Charles Worthington as the packaging was colourful, says about sunshine protection so will give a go and see. Hopefully be nice! Always need toothpaste and mouthwash of course, minty fresh and all. Ok, my obsession for yummy smelling shower gels is ridicilous now. But this lemon and tea tree I am so excited to try!! I also brought deodrants, got full size though as we just last me way longer over the trips. I'm pretty sure this stuff won't last my 3 trips and will need to buy shampoo and wash stuff again - I like to use generous amounts!! 

Body Shop Tea Tree Range

Okay so not really a summer or travel essential. However, I was running out of all my skincare bits so was time for me to re-purchase like I do every few months. But these will be coming with me on my travels, got to keep up the skincare regime whilst away. My skin is oily and acne prone - it's yukky and upsetting but this is the best range that I have found to help as long as I do it every day. Sometimes I get lazy at night time - don't judge me, I like sleep. But I'm determined to sort it out and help. The Tea Tree face mask is amazzzing - I prefer way more than the bloggers holy grail Glam Glow. You may see the Camomile eye make-up remover, it is so good and really is gentle so does not irritate my sensitive eyes and gets off the hardest waterproof mascaras. I just highly recommend this whole lot especially if your skin is like mine :) I've wrote about it in the past here and here.

Body Shop Virgin Mojito Range

Whilst picking up my essentials, I saw this new range. I honestly didn't think I would like the scent as it is 'Virgin Mojito' and thought it may be minty (I don't like minty)! However I have to admit I was intrigued by the cocktail maker, who wouldn't be right?! But oh my god, let me just tell you know - nicest scent ever!!!! It's kind of like a lime citrus etc. Yum! I treated myself to the cocktail maker which included the above - mini scrub, mini body butter, mini loufer thing and full size shower gel. All for £25. I thought I would try as why not, but I will be going back for the full size scrub and body butter. I'm pretty sure this is limited edition but please Body Shop make it part of the permanent range!!! 

St Tropez Light/Medium Gradual Tan

I want to fake tan, always have but I am super ghost like pale. Plus the idea of having to go salon every few weeks is just long and expensive. I've tried gradual tans before but they have always been way too orange like Nivea, Garnier etc.I have a summer wedding in August and if I decide to be brave and show my legs then I want a bit of colour that won't rub off onto my clothes. So I found this in boots, a great fake tan make with a gradual tan for light skin. Yay! I've tried just on my legs once but nothing so far. I'm going to apply every other day and see what happens. If I like then I will attempt the rest of my body. Has anyone tried this before? What do you think? :) Even got the face version. It was like £18 for both but they will last a long time, for me anyways. But please single ladies tell me how you fake tan your own backs?!?! 

False Lashes, etc

Here's me all for trying new things, fake tan and now false lashes. Let's start with fact that I don't wear eyeliner, it does not suit me. I love my lashes but I want a little more glam sometimes. In preparation for the wedding I thought I would try some individual lashes, I have a big blogging event next week so can test how long they last. Not sure if I will apply them right, I'm watching YouTube tutorials in a minute to try later on today for a party. Wish me luck!! 

Body tape, this stuff is genious. I have the perfect dress that I love to wear but without this tape my clevage would be an open book literally. So worth it and there is like 27 pieces so lasts me for ages!! Plus picked up a handy little metal nail file for like 89p as keep losing all of mine. 

There you have it some of my purchases to help for my trips away :) A major essential which is on its way in the post is Urban Decay setting spray to help hold my make-up all day for my oily skin - don't go a day without it. I may do a post on what's in my travel make-up bag - what do you think?

Let me know in comments your absolute top 3 essentials for travel? 

Love, Gemma xo

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  1. I love stocking up on toiletries before I travel somewhere. Makes it seem a bit more real somehow.


  2. I should have had this list before I went on hols! The virgin mojito stuff sounds lovely. I have never properly fake tanned but use the Dove moisturiser. Good for me as I'm so pale too! xx #mummymondays

  3. Oh I love anything from the body shop. The mojito stuff sounds lovely. Love getting in all my toiletries for holidays, say your very excited now xx

  4. I love all the travel size stuff too! I get so excited if we ever go on little trips away so I can see what stuff I can get in miniature size hehe. Sounds like you have a good few holidays coming up :) so exciting x

  5. Virgin mojito sounds lovely! I love all the cute travel sized things! :) xx

  6. I'm desperate to try some of the body shop stuff, so many great reviews! :-) #mummymonday x

  7. I do love travel size products - they always look so cute lol! Sounds like you have some exiting plans coming up :) #mummymonday



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