Thursday, 25 June 2015

June 2015 - Monthly Favourites #4


As if another month has gone by, sometimes I sit and think 'wow time is going so slow' but really it isn't. When I write these posts I'm a bit like 'There isn't enough time to do everything!!!' Anyone else feel the same - or just me?! Let's get into this months favourites anyways..

*Mummy Loves*

*Corey Loves*
Sleepover at nanny's
School sports day
New found love for Sonic

So I attended Brit Mums Live Blogging Conference, you can read my post about the day here. It was really good. I admit it is quite long 2 days but you really do have an amazing time. Being with 100s of fellow parent bloggers in center of London. I am lucky enough to have two very amazing best friends Vicki from EllieBearBabi and Andrea from BloggerMumma who I shared a room with, we always came a day early to do some shopping and have a girly night in the hotel. Of course, I got to meet many other of my lovely blogging friends and make new ones too. I admit I mainly go for the social aspect but well worth the experience. Was my second year attending and if I'm still blogging next year then I will probably try to go again!

This month my mum ending up booking us a little trip to Wales for end of July for my birthday. Mum grew up there so will be showing us her old house, school etc. We will be down South and hopefully get the chance to visit Cardiff for some shopping!! Will be really nice to get away for a few days during the summer holidays - very needed break for all three of us :)

Here is this month's favourite picture of Corey and I :) We were celebrating my Uncle's 50th Birthday. This is by far one of my favourite pictures of us in a long time. Corey looks so grown up though!!!

Now in the comments let me know what was your favourite part of this month?!

Love, Gemma xo

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  1. Hope you have a fabulous time in Wales. Thinking about getting the ferry over for a night or two but then worry about being so far from home at 33 weeks pregnant. Beautiful photo of you and C and well done passing your test :)

  2. Amazing news on passing the test! It's like a new lease of life and freedom. Hope you had a fab time at BritMums - it was great and so sociable. Loving the picture of you and Corey...such a good one; maybe for a frame xx #mummymondays

  3. congratulations on passing your driving test - the best feeling isn't it? #mummymonday

  4. Congrats on passing! I haven't driven in close to a year because of a lousy injury and I miss it terribly. Enjoy it for me. #MummyMondays

  5. First time linking to your #mommymonday linkup! Glad to have found it as love to read other mommy blogs. Looking forward to the monthly favourites as well!

  6. Congratulations on passing your test. Now the world is your oyster! I failed five times and gave up after that. I probably shouldn't announce that to the world though should I lol :-/

  7. Great list. Well done for passing your test. It's great photo of you both. x

  8. Congratulations of passing your driving test. I passed at 38 weeks pregnant and have no idea how. It's so much easier to drive when you have little ones isn't it? I love the new linky. :-D Will definitely link up next time. :-D xx



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