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Center Parcs, Elveden Forest - Review (Girls Weekend Away!)


I'm back again with another little trip this time being a little adventure the girls and I took to Center Parcs, Elveden Forest. Here is a little review. I will admit it was a child free, messy weekend for a bunch of 22 year old girls and frankly it was brilliant. 

I missed Corey like crazy, as always just like two weekends before I visited London for the Brit Mums Live blogging conference. Thankfully the brilliant invention of FaceTime meant I can still talk and see him. However, silly no service in the whole of Center Parcs. My only point of contact is through their wifi (luckily free!) on Facebook or Whatsapp. This was hugely disappointing, you know as a blogger I love my phone. It was hard!

Well I will start by saying I have recently passed my test and managed to get a car (5 days before this trip). I decided to be super brave and drive. This even being after accidently destroying my bonnet on the 3rd day of owning a car a few days before, it went into a barrier in a carpark. Whoops. But luckily I was stationary at the time and on my own, so no one was hurt. Just my poor car. But my driving itself is pretty good now I have some confidence. So we got there in one piece safe and sound. In only about an hour and ten minutes from mine. 

Here's a look into the lodge we stayed in. We just had a basic one as price wise was best. However, if you can afford one with a game room then go for it. It was nicely modern decorated, extemely comfy beds. Even a second toilet next to the bathroom. All very spacious, except for the kitchen. 

Here is some pictures of the scenery and shops etc around the resort. 

We decided the cheapest option food wise would be to do a Tesco shop before we went. We decided on meals beforehand, made a list and done the shop. We actually stuck to the list and it came to around £120 for 4 adults. Which is expensive really but a lot cheaper than eating out lunch and dinner. Just sucks meaning have to cook. But we looked at a menu which was £22 for just a pizza, crazy amounts! 

As a blogger, a plate can not be touched until a photo has been taken - it's like some sort of ritual. So I took some snaps of food and drinks (teapot and jug of pimms - had to work with what we could find!). So here you go..

Now it is time to take a little look at what we got up too over the weekend..


On the Friday night the girls went for a swim whilst I just had a walk round and had a look around. We then headed back about 9 so you can imagine our hunger and had a disaster trying to work the oven, setting alarms off. Whoops. We got there in the end, with a very burnt pizza. Then played a card game called 'sh*thead' with drinks until around 2am. I was rubbish, I lost like 6 out of 8 rounds so I always ended up as the 'shi*thead'!! A little deer headed up towards our room which was so cute, but it was so dark, couldn't snap a pic. We headed to bed just as the worst storm came - thunder, lightening and well being in a forest was pretty scary. 


On Saturday, I was the first one up as always at about 8.30am. Not surprised as I am the only mum of the group so sort of used to the early mornings. I had a shower and got ready before the girls woke up. One of them not waking till noon!

We sat outside in the sunshine for lunch before they headed off for a swim. Instead I sat in Starbucks with a yummy Mango Passion Juice Blend before doing some shopping and picking up some bits for Corey. 

Then we headed to The Pancake House for an afternoon snack, all I need to say is YUM! Best pancakes ever. I love pancakes but never had stacked ones before. Oh it was amazing. The picture above in food bit speaks for itself really! So good that we ended up going back before leaving.

I won't really go into the evening much as well we cooked mexican food, played a lot of alcohol games (ring of fire, red bus and some others for those of you who may know them!) and as you can imagine got extremely drunk but it was very fun and chilled just in the patio area even played charades! 


Well they woke up extremely hungover. Luckily for me, I have never suffered from one. I was up bright and early again before everyone else and cooked a full english whist they got up and ready. 

After lunch, we got to head to the spa with free day passes we were given by the lovely customer services after we complained about something. I have never been to a spa before so had no idea what to expect at all to be honest. I unfortunately couldn't snap any photos as didn't want to ruin anyone's privacy. But it was amazing and beyond the best part of the weekend. I can not explain in words how good it was and how truly relaxing. Like we have never been so relaxed, ever. It included a massive outside heated jacquzzi type pool, lots of steam rooms, saunas and etc. Even water beds, right these scared me because I didn't want to pop one but comfiest thing ever - we all ended up napping for a bit. We didn't have any treatments as far too expensive but who knows, maybe next time.

We then headed back to our lodge and started cooking a bbq. We had a bit of a problem with this. The lodge comes with a bbq, but luckily we didn't buy coal for it as there is a sign on it saying disposable bbq's only. We had to buy some. Very odd! But the amount of food we had for the 4 of us was insane but most of it went. It was an interesting experience all being bbq cooks for the very first time. Turned out so yummy though :)

The girls finally managed to persuade me to go swimming, I didn't want too as I didn't like being in a swimming costume however I am so glad I did. It's not a swimming pool you can actually swim in. It is very much a crazy place full of waves and so many slides and rapids. I swore I wouldn't go on them but I was forced and it was extremely fun!!! 

By this point it was around 9pm when we got back to our lodge so we all tucked up under a duvet on the sofa and watched a movie with some jelly and treats :)


You had to be out of the lodges by 10 which sucked. But we packed up the car and went for more pancakes before heading to the sweet shop and other shops on the resort. Then we just headed home and made it in just over an hour which was pretty good timing to be fair :)


Here is a look at some of the little bits I picked up around the shops. I love homeware so it was really hard to stick to just buying these three little cute plaques but so glad I did, now to find little spots for them. I brought Corey a little doggy and an avengers fan. Every time I go somewhere new I collect a fridge magnet and a squashed penny coin thing you can make. I also picked up a mood ring for myself, to recapture my childhood a bit. I may use it as a toe ring! 

There you have it, our weekend away - it was pretty amazing, a very much relaxed and well needed drunken weekend away to let loose a bit with the girls! :) However, I was so glad to be back at home and cuddling Corey!! I will be back in another post for the pros and cons of Center Parcs. So be sure to keep an eye out for it. Plus in less than 2 weeks on 20th July, I will be off to Wales for the week with mum and Corey :)

Love, Gemma xo

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  1. Sounds amazing! I still don't know go you never get hangovers- totes jealous! X

  2. Ahh sh*thead & ring of Fire remind me of my uni days! Sounds like so much fun and the lodge looked lush! X

  3. Sounds amazing. I have really fancied visting a centre parks. I really think the family would love it. Those pancakes looked awesome and the accommodation looks superb.Sound alike you and a lovely weekend with your girls. #MummyMonday

  4. sounds great! I really like centre parcs but the cost can just add up and up. I love playing that 'heads up' game too!! #mummymonday

  5. Ahhh I love this post. My last Center Parcs holiday was to Elveden Forest for my hen party - I had such a good time. I've already booked for next year.

    I'm glad you had a great time, sounds like the perfect girlie weekend. #mummymonday

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  6. I have never been to CP as I can never justify the money. Would love to go though, and it looks like you had a lovely girly weekend! #mummymonday

  7. Glad you had a lovely time. Not been to Center Parcs, but Rev T has and he really likes it



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