Tuesday, 25 August 2015

MAC Studio Fix Fluid & Powder Foundation - Review


This time last year I took the plunge and ordered the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation which has been my absolute holy grail ever since. But I had wanted to the infamous MAC Studio Fix for a while, so I finally decided too and thought I would share my thoughts..


Okay so below is pictures on how it looks on the skin. In the first picture I have done my usual skincare routine with Body Shop Tea Tree and Aveeno Cream. I have also primed with Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Primer which is silicone based so great for smoothing my uneven skin. I also use the Bare Minerals Prime Time Neutralising Primer which is yellow and looks scary, but it really does help balance out my redness and is really great. 

So just a bit of background on my skin type, I am super pale and have very oily acne prone skin. It sucks but you know lots of us suffer. The shade I picked up was NW10 in both the liquid foundation and powder foundation. This is the lightest shade possible, I didn't swatch or try before hand. It seems to suit me quite well actually. Compared to Estee Lauder I have in Shell, the lightest shade which is still slightly a bit dark for me. I was told that the powder foundation oxidises and comes out darker so I admit I was a little worried. I have tried each out in many ways, however, I prefer them seperately. The liquid foundation is amazing and I have to admit may just be replacing my Estee Lauder but I do not like it with the powder foundation on top - it changes the colour and looks weird. The powder foundation on its own for when I am just relaxing at home or whatever is absolutely amazing. They both have really good full coverage. Price is expensive but I think worth it and I will certainly repurchase the liquid foundation. Hopefully they will last a long time :)

There's my review. If you have either of these please let me know your thoughts or if you have maybe a drugstore alternative I would really love to know :) 

Love, Gemma xo

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