Monday, 21 December 2015

Corey's 5th Birthday :)


A post all about a 5th birthday :)

Saturday 19th marked the day, a massive 5 year mark of the best day of my life. 5 years ago Corey was born. 5 years ago I had been in hospital for a few days in a fair amount of pain worrying to death at the thought of my baby possibly being 6 weeks premature. After already having treatment to try control my blood pressure and steroids to help Corey's main organs grow a little faster. 

But later that day I had family visiting. I started to feel ill, I started to feel my throat swelling. A silly nurse told me it was nothing to worry about without really checking. So I waited, but I couldn't for long as it just got worse. Finally someone came and checked both me and Corey, it was then decided that I had to be prepped for an emergency c-section. The one thing my little green book said I didn't want. At this point it was all a bit of a blur. I remember ringing my mum so she could rush down and she got there as I was going down the lift. Perfect timing! 

I was asleep by 6.30pm as surgery started, Corey was born at 6.45pm and I didn't wake up until roughly 7.15pm. As I came out of surgery of course an absolute mess. Corey had been taken to antenatal ward to be checked over, I got shown a picture - that was it. I actually didn't see Corey as I got wheeled in on my bed at around 1 am on my own and couldn't even hold him. It was until I managed to get up around lunch time the next day that I got to hold his hand and actually have a cuddle. The most magical moment. The moment that changed my life and gave me a whole new meaning of love and happiness.

So the years have gone by, through lots of good and some bad (you know the usual little tantrums). Or even the part where I almost lost him at 6 weeks old. But we have grown together and together we are a team of not only mother and son but best friends. A bond that grows stronger day by day. Watching my little munchkin moo over the years, watching him grow into the proper little cheeky lad that he is becoming, seeing him exceeding in school with his reading and writing. I couldn't be prouder!

With Christmas being so close to his birthday, sometimes I see it as a bad thing but then I remember it is my favourite time of year, always has been and now for two reasons. It makes the best week ever :)

I actually wrote this before his birthday but never got round to posting it so I am going to also share what we got up too over his long birthday weekend :)

Friday was his last day at school before Christmas and pretty much the only time all weekend we had just the two of us so I took him out to dinner at Frankie & Benny's just for some us time :) I ordered a yummy pizza and Corey had a kids spaghetti bolegense, except the cheeky monkey decided he wanted my pizza instead so yes we swapped and yes he ate almost most of the adults pizza!!

Saturday, the actual birthday day we started the day off early at mums for breakfast, opened some presents from his uncle before heading out to Wacky Warehouse for his birthday party with some friends from school. It was great fun and love seeing all his friends playing so nice together :) In the afternoon Corey then went to his dads until bed time.

Sunday, the best day in my opinion. We headed over to Milton Keynes Theatre to watch Aladdin pantomime. It had stars such as Priscilla Presley and Ben Adams from A1 band (just wow!). It is our yearly tradition to go and it was better than I expected and extremely funny. I cried with laughter!!

Then after that we headed to my nans for a family party and after waiting all weekend Corey finally got to open his presents from all of us. We really do love family time and no matter way then celebrating his birthday!

So there we have it, one extremely long exhausting weekend but one of the best birthday's so far. Now onto Christmas :):)

Love, Gemma xo

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